View Full Version : Saturday Night Rimfire Ohio Style

10-10-2011, 09:36 PM
Dave Horner will be holding his annual Money Match Oct.29th at 12:00 noon come early there is going to be some good ammo there to be tested and bought.We will be shooting 3 of the old br-50 style of target $45 match fee and that includes lunch beans and Bar-B-Que good time to be had by all that shows up. Old Howard Wilson just shot a 2500 score there last Saturday night first one I have ever seen on that target way to go Howard your my new HERO!!!!!!!!! Now for location 2061 bloom furnace road South Webster Ohio 45682 for more info just call 740-778-2562 or 740-285-3963.
I hope some of you Calfee boys come over Howard said he had a few more of them 2500 targets lined up for you. Hope to see you there.

10-17-2011, 12:12 AM
Just heard the ammo man will be there around 9;30-10 to test ammo

10-21-2011, 02:33 PM
Where is this range?

Is it open to any shooter?

Thank You in advance

10-21-2011, 06:33 PM
open to everyone come on down.

Garrett Coleman
03-04-2012, 02:30 AM
Do you guys still shoot I seen this last post is a little old. I live in Oak Hill and would be interested in shooting. Sounds like a good time

03-04-2012, 08:55 AM
Yeah they still shoot there. I believe they are shooting ara card this coming Saturday around 4 o'clock. Dave still shoots money matches also I believe they ate last weekend of the month someone can correct me if I'm wrong. Ara schedule is on Killough web- site. Should come down and shoot pretty good shooting that goes on down there.

Garrett Coleman
03-04-2012, 09:13 PM
I'll for sure be down sometime to check it out. I've never got into shooting match so I'd like to see what you all are shooting and what not. I don't have any high priced fancy rifles or anything just looking to shoot and have a good time. I'd come this weekend but I'm going to the ohio gun collectors show in wilmington.

Glenn Spencer
03-05-2012, 04:44 AM
Garrett. Tony is right , First saturday of the month is a 4 card ARA match, Last saturday of the month is a money match . Come on down we would to have you. Glenn

Garrett Coleman
03-06-2012, 12:13 AM
Thanks for the info and invite fellas. If I get back in time Saturday it's a possible I may come check it out. How far do you guys shoot and what not? I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions. What All do I need to do to get started?

Glenn Spencer
03-06-2012, 04:47 AM
Best advice is come watch , ask questions then decide what you want to do. Hope to see you saturday. Glenn