View Full Version : Blue ridge results 5/21/2011

05-21-2011, 09:38 PM
With the prize of a new Falcon action awarded to the 2011 3-gun agg champion todays match attracted 20 shooters.Weather was good and all had a good time.Partial results follow.
Match #1
Ken Camper 249-14
Jim Pepper 248-15
Kent Owens 248-11
10 1/2:
Dennis Drake 250-17
Jim Mollica 250-16
Bill Pippin 249-20
13 1/2:
Dennis Drake 250-19
Ken Camper 250-18
Tim Miller 249-21
Ken Camper 748-49
Jim Pepper 746-51
Dennis Drake 746-50

Match #2
Tim Miller 249-14
Jim Pepper 249-14
Bill Pippin 248-15
10 1/2:
Dennis Drake 250-20
Bill Pippin 250-19
Truman Webber 250-14
13 1/2:
Tim Miller 250-20
Bill Pippin 250-19
Malcolm Rash 250-17
Bill Pippin 748-53
Tim Miller 748-49
Jim Pepper 745.33

05-22-2011, 02:11 PM
Kent, Thanks for a good shoot. It's always nice to see old friends. Congratulations to all the winners. Great shooting.

Earnie, I hope that you can get the back straight.

Kent Owens
05-22-2011, 04:51 PM
Jim and Ernie, thanks for doing the job of scoring, I thought you guys did an excellent job with all those targets. Without the help of you guys it'd be a miserable if not impossible task.

I really appreciate all the help that you and the other guys gave during the day. Thanks to the referrees as well. Ernie came and scored targets even though his back was out and he couldn't participate in the shooting.

I really appreciate all the shooters who showed up for the match, for a few of them it was their first visit to Blue Ridge and I hope they'll come back. It's the shooters that makes the game, and makes it worth the effort to put on matches.

There were a lot of good scores shot by many. There were 4 - 250's in the morning match, and 10- 250's in the afternoon match, lot's of 249's too. I ran out of 250 pins and hope to get more before next month.

For the opening match of the year, I think it went exceptionally well. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Most of the folks seemed to a have a good time.

Devin and I retired to Applebee's and cooled off with iced tea, and had a good dinner afterwards. I think he had a good time and he shot well all day too. I was glad he shot a 250 on his last target. He was getting tired of 249's:) He really likes shooting with all of you guys.