View Full Version : Official IR5050 Scoring Plugs

04-20-2011, 10:23 PM
We now have official scoring plugs for IR5050 that will allow for more consistent scoring.

The magnifier is 1" in diameter so that the scorer is looking straight down on the target, as opposed be being able to view it from the side. (So the scorer & referees are all looking at it from the same angle...)

The .224 diameter plug is inside the magnifying glass so the plug does not have to be pushed through the bullet hole, possibly increasing the size of the bullet hole.

By having the plug recessed in the magnifyer, the plug can sit flat on the target without being pushed, and the plug cannot rock.

The plug is tapered to allow it to self-center in the bullet hole.

The cost will be $18 plus shipping. Please EMAIL Bill at Bill@IR5050.com to place orders.