View Full Version : Hall S action

02-27-2011, 07:02 AM
I'm looking at a used rifle for a friend who is on a tight budget.
The one I found has a R/L Hall S action with a PPC boltface.
He wants a 6BR. Can the boltface be opened and extractor/ejector still be functional?

Wayne Shaw
02-27-2011, 09:17 AM
Most of the time yes, but an easy alternative would be to rebate the case heads to PPC size and the action is untouched.

ned kelly
02-28-2011, 02:08 AM
G'Day All,
my LV Hall S was opened up to suit a 308 shell and also had the firing pin bushed and it would still extract a ppc case. It was set up as a 6ppc and 6-6.5x47lapua for Benchrest, 500m Fly and F class. Never faulted the extraction of a ppc case since it was reworked approx 6-7 years ago.