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02-25-2011, 04:47 PM
This target is from a practice session fired 2/12/11 at Ben Avery rifle range Phoenix AZ, shot with my new rail, Krieger 13.5 twist barrel smithed by me. Velocities were exceptional 54 on my Bruno powder measurer equaled 3444 average which weighed 29.4 grain. I also shot a hotter load of which did not group very well, however the velocity kept climbing to the mid 3500 fps. Dan Sutton was kind enough to set up his Ohler 35 for me and I thank him for that. Standard deviation was 7 very good I thought. The Group height was consistent all shots went with conditions barrel length was 26.5". Over all 19 groups averaged a very respectable .1789 which for the conditions in Phoenix was excellent also 3 groups in the zeros were the highlight. Most groups were shot with my double-o bullet except the last 4 with my new bullet I call the UNO. The die was made by George Ulrich and designed by me. This is a very good powder, of which I will be keeping a bunch for myself.

Lester Bruno
Bruno Shooters Supply


C.L. Peterson
02-28-2011, 10:17 PM
This powder is cleaner than my previous lots of 8208
This meters great

Test Products:
BAT Heavy Varmint Bag gun 13.5 #
Barrel 22" length--Kreiger 1/14
Terry Meyer 68 gr--BT--Bullets--8 1/4 Olgive
All bullets set on jam
Chronograph = Gamma Model, Shooting Chrony
Jones powder measurer, also all loads weighed

Stated Purpose:
Determine bullet speed with different loads

IMR 8208 powder Lot # 122910
Load--53 clicks Jones (29.9 gr)
Load--54 clicks Jones (30.4 gr)
Speed==3413--3414--3422----Group= 0.294
Load--55 Clicks Jones (31 gr)
Speed==3465--3456--3479----Group= 0.209
Load--53.5 Clicks Jones (30.2 gr)
Speed==3385--3389--3393----Group= 0.094

For comparison

Previous lot of 8208 on hand--Lot # unknown
Load--53.5 Clicks Jones (30.2gr )
Speed==3334--3328--3302-----Group= 0.204
N-133 Lot 28708---00142
Load--53.5 Jones (29.0 gr)

Test conditions
Temp 38 degrees, 42% RH
Wind left to right at 5-10 MPH
Did not use wind Flags--Ground froze--BUMMER
Shooting over partial snowy and partial melted snow ground
Bright sunny day

Supplied for information only


03-02-2011, 02:04 PM
C.L. Great report.

Lester Bruno

04-18-2011, 07:56 PM
I just tested some of this same Lot (122910) of 8208. Up until now, I had only tested the new XBR version. This was a chronograph only session with the full length 30-30, 118gr bullets, and a 23" barrel. I started out by shooting a test load of 40gr of Iraeli 2015 to establish a baseline. This testing has proven that this powder is the perfect burn rate for the 30-30 with medium hot loads. Any 30 caliber case with capacities of the typical hunter class round (30X44 - 30X47) would be very well suited to this powder.

Test load:
40.0gr 2015 - 3123 fps

8208 (122910) loads:
39.0gr - 2885 & 2891 fps
41.0gr - 2982 & 2991 fps
42.0gr - 3062 & 3066 fps
43.0gr - 3131 fps - very close to all I could get in case - sun went down and gave error, so just one good reading

42.5gr - New 8208XBR - 3105 fps - chronograped on a different day

Hunter class shooters should try some.