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11-28-2010, 04:27 PM
Just curious how tight a poi hold a monarch 6-24x50 should hold for br with 308?

What scopes hold the tightest?


11-29-2010, 04:03 PM
To add to the good info FBecigneul gave you, March scopes which are fairly new on the Benchrest line and have a great reputation for holding POI. That's what they are designed to do. However, the $2200-$2500 cost is a problem for some (me). Also, since they've been on the line for only about two years...time will tell. They are only available from Kelbly's.

11-29-2010, 04:09 PM
Thanks, can't help but second guess if my scope will hold even 0.25MOA or not. Wish someone on here has a nikon monarch that will hold in the 1s or 2s to boost my confidence....

Nikon says they have "no spec" for this.

Nightforce is like 5 seconds of angle or something crazy small if you call them.

Boyd Allen
11-29-2010, 04:47 PM
I have a friend that has a 6BR (slow twist) that shoots very well with a Monarch on board. Also, when it developed a problem with its turrets, they replaced the scope. Based on that, it seems that they are a good outfit, with some good products. As with anything, I would be cautious about going to their cheaper scopes and expecting the same performance as with their higher priced lines.

brian roberts
11-29-2010, 06:45 PM
I have sent scopes back to Leupold that needed to be refurbished, or the parallax re-set (a friend asked for it). I have had some Leupolds that I feel never should have had a problem, based on what they were assigned and how I handled them. But, Leupold stood behind the scopes and re-built them, AND got them back to me promptly. When it comes to optics, buy the best you possibly can, it pays dividends in the long run.
If I have a problem with a scope, I want to get the same scope back as I sent. If a company sends me a new scope, I ask myself: Did they stop making the old one? Did they up-grade me to make me feel better, or themselves? If they send me a NEW scope, what was so wrong with the old one they couldn't fix it? Is it just so crappy they don't want to bother?? (Of course the scope has to still LOOK like a scope for me to ask that one.)
Its like going to a junky....auto recycler's emporium, and buying a used engine, or any part, for your car. They'll sell you that engine, and if you have trouble with it in 30-40 days, if the heat tab is still in place, not burned, they'll give you another NEW used engine, but what about your time? And, if your scope dies in a match, and you don't have another brand-new one, is that really doing you any good? Just because a company gives you a new product doesn't necessarily mean they make good things, it may just mean that they banged you so hard, in the first place, that they can afford to give you a freebie because their stuff is too overpriced to begin with. A good example of this was the old Redfield low-powered variables made in the US prior to '68. If you tried to register that scope in '70 or '72 they told a friend of mine to just send that scope in, because they wouldn't warrant it, but they'd send him one of their nice "new" scopes. This was about the time when they tried to make the TV-screen ocular the rage. I think some of the guys on here like to say, "Buy it good, you only cry once".

Larry Elliott
11-29-2010, 07:07 PM
Like Brian says Leupold stands behind their products. I sent a 30 year old M8 12X to them because it wouldn't adjust for windage or elevation (springs shot I guess). It was back in less than 2 weeks from the time it was sent to them, looked brand new, and adjusted like it should. Nikon has a good reputation so if they say something is guaranteed for life it likely is. Some others I have not heard good reports on though, and a, "outta sight outta mind", attitude.

Dick Grosbier
11-29-2010, 08:13 PM
Just curious how tight a poi hold a monarch 6-24x50 should hold for br with 308?

What scopes hold the tightest?

ThxIdeally It should hold dead on and what you want is for it to have zero shift of POI from shot to shot. In reality your scope will be something less than this, nobody not even your best buddy who has had same scope that seemed perfect for two years can tell you how your scope is really going to work ( if you already have it) If you do not own the scope already as you can probably pick up from the answers you have received so far it would not be the number one choice for BR shooting.

This is all anybody can really tell you about a Monarch scope in advance.