View Full Version : Headsup. Looking for an EOS with 1080p video?

11-24-2010, 10:09 PM
I just thought with Black Friday coming up I'd share my experiences with Video on SLR's. I just saw an ad that touts 1080p video with a variety of EOS bodies. Well, save yer money cause while those bodies are really nice for stills, they positively suck for video. When I say these are worthless for video, I mean they are inferior to anything I have ever seen, and I've seen a LOT of cameras. Not only is a $80 point and shoot nicer for video, it's not even close. The files are gigantic. The video compression is so horrible you will be hard pressed to make out anything in the pictures, even close up. And the framerate that it will sustain is somewhere in the 2 to 3 fps range. More like stills in motion. The processor is no where near fast enough to encode video at 200MB/s throughput (1080p rgb color). And, that capitol B was not an error.

I fully expected there to be a class action suit against Canon for selling these under the guise of a video camera. There's been plenty of discussions you can look up online. But, suffice to say, my opinion of Canon's 1080 video is that it is out-n-out theft. If you were considering upgrading your EOS body and getting one of the video versions, save yer money.