View Full Version : Let's compare my drops on 7mm caliber &180 bergers

11-03-2010, 08:52 AM
Hi Guys, need to compare my drops on my 7mm Dakota caliber custom rifle to any of the 7mm's doing the same approximate speeds as mine?
Heres my stats, I am shooting the 180gr Berger Hybrid, I have metplat trimmed them and pointed them with the Hoover pointing die.
My speed is 2970fps avg, 200 yrd zero, shot at 900 meters or 984 yards, my real drop is 21.25MOA and windage is 5.5MOA, elvation is 400ft at that target range, temp was 38 degrees,baro pressure 29.50 approx,humidity 80%.
How does this compare to your guys drops with the 180gr Berger's whether they are vld's or hybrid's?