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07-09-2010, 11:39 AM
I have been looking at a used rifle on Mr. Killough's website. It uses a custom made, apparently two of a kind action with no ejection port. To load one removes the entire bolt and places a round in the end of the bolt before re-inserting the bolt in the action.

The remainder of the gun is pretty standard and the entire riflelooks to be of high quality.

I was hoping one of you may have an opinion regarding this action. I am unfortunately always drawn towards weird or different concepts and this thing is calling me.

What's the opinion? Run and hide or grab it and go?

Thanks in advance.


07-09-2010, 11:49 AM
I believe that was built and shot by don thompson,from wva.I have shot aginst the gun before and if i remember right it shot very well.They are the same thompsons that built zipper recurve bows,hope this helps,Bob.

07-09-2010, 01:41 PM
I also like weird stuff but only if I build it :) There is probably nearly $1300 worth of stuff not counting the action so the price is not bad. If I bought it I would take it apart and cut a port on the left side of the action. Then you would have to devise an ejector which might be a problem depending on the bolt design. I also bet it doesn't have a loading ramp so you would have to put the cartridge directly into the chamber. Impossible to tell if any of this is possible without having the rifle in your hands.

As is this thing would be amazingly slow to shoot.

Parts breakage could also be a problem.

07-09-2010, 01:44 PM

All very good points, thank you. I was told that when the bolt is pulled out, the round is inserted into the end of the bolt. That did not sound too bad, but I was concerned about a round or an empty possibly not being extracted, and having to shove a rod down the muzzle. But it is still nice looking.


07-09-2010, 03:11 PM
And if you were shooting against the clock........how fast will it cycle?