View Full Version : WCF ARA Match Report for 7/8/10

Dave S
07-08-2010, 04:22 PM
West Central Florida held its monthly 3 target match today. Weather was nice, 85*-90*, with partly cloudy skies and a light 4-5 mph east wind.

Results were:

1. Dave Smith----------2200-2100-2150--2150.0000 agg--15 pts---2165.0000 Agg/Pts
2. Mike Trunzo---------1850-1700-1850--1800.0000 agg--12 pts---1812.0000 agg/pts
3. Charles Segeren---1475-1960-1620--1685.0000 agg---9 pts---1694.0000 agg/pts
4. Lou Reinard---------1420-1750-1725--1631.6666 agg---6 pts---1637.6666 agg/pts
5. Vick Sharp-----------1850-1345-1600--1598.3333 agg---3 pts---1601.3333 agg/pts

Our next 3 target match will be on 8/12/10..

Dave Smith------MD, WCF