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06-05-2010, 02:57 AM
anyone got anything to say about the CZ 's ....good...bad...or ugly...lets hear what you have to say!!!!!

06-05-2010, 04:08 AM
anyone got anything to say about the CZ 's ....good...bad...or ugly...lets hear what you have to say!!!!!
I go to different forums and have heard nothing but good things about them. I think the Savage is also a good rifle for the money. I don't know what you are going to use it for, but it seems the general opinion is the CZ is more accurate. Just what I've heard on forums.

06-05-2010, 03:36 PM
The now in the process of being phased out CZ 452's and CZ 453's are excellent casual target and field rifles. The European ladder style iron sighted Trainer and Special units calibrated out to 200 or 300 meters were particularly nice for iron sight affectionados and were often quite eirily accurate out to the far extent of your visual capabilities. The hammer forged barrels were tightly mated to the receivers via screw threads, there were two locking lugs on the bolt and the triggers were of a simple but effective design that could be quickly and inexpensively de-lawyerized with just a couple of inexpensive components to a nice crisp light pull. These CZ 452 and CZ 453 units were serious casual and intermediate shooting stick bargains at $250-$350 several years ago. And even at $375-$475 today they are still a lot of gun for the money. The jury is still out on the accuracy and the price performance of the newer and slightly more expensive modular designed CZ 455 (CZ 452 & CZ 453 replacement) line of rifles with press fit two locking screw secured replaceable barrels, a single operating handle based locking lug, ubiquitous stocks for application across all actions, and standard incrementally adjustable American style iron sights, etc. The unknown nature of the actual field and bench accuracy performance of the new CZ 455 rifle line has caused somewhat of a run on remaining stock of the field and the casual bench proven CZ 452 and CZ 453 rifles. Both the CZ 452 and CZ 453 rifles with the normal tight chambers and tight bores were quite accurate out of the box with many garden variety .22 LR ammunition such as Federal 510, CCI Blazer, etc. It was not at all unusual for an inexpensive CZ 452 or CZ 453 to shoot fairly consistently at MOA or slightly less with such inexpensive plinker grade ammunition. And then after a little quite inexpensive trigger work, action bedding and pillar bedding these same rifles would often shoot at .5-.6 MOA levels with decent lower mid range (Wolf MT) target type ammunition. The overall field application driven styling of the majority of the CZ stocks did not ride the bags particularly well and the availability of a wide range of good after market stocks was and still is pretty limited. Overall, IMHO the entire CZ rimfire rifle line is a fairly high value for the money field or casual target rifle. The CZ 452 and CZ 453 riles are not Anschutz 64's, but neither are the current price levels. And on a good day, a trigger tuned and fully bedded CZ 452 or CZ 453 will hang in there pretty well (at least for a while) with an Anschutz 64.

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06-06-2010, 11:49 AM
in my opinion they are better than an anschutz 64 !!
there not on par with anschutz 54, but i believe can be made so, at least i'm working towards that now..it remains to be seen, and i've not seen mine for most of two months....sometimes it don't pay to get to chummy with your gunsmith