View Full Version : Pinnacle Mountain Results from 5/29

Dave Shattuck
06-01-2010, 06:59 PM
We had 8 shooters once again this month. Paul Bendix had to miss this months match as he had had knee surgery just two weeks prior due to a wicked fall he took a month or so before. Turned out to be more of a problem than originally thought, but hes on the mend now and will be back with us soon.

Mark Rocheleau was able to be there instead of having to work and not only won both the SPORTER and 10.5# CLASSES, but also shot his first ever 250 after 15 years of trying, so it turned out to be quite a special day for him.

Al Hadfield stepped up in the 13.5# CLASS to stop Marks opportunity for the trifecta by outscoring Mark by a single point, plus 4 Xs. Congratulations to both Mark and Al on their battling it out to the final shot.

1.) Mark Rocheleau 246-7X
2.) Al Hadfield 245-10X
3.) Dave Shattuck 238-5X
4.) Michael Gallant 235-6X
5.) Penny Hadfield 234-4X
6.) Doug Shea 232-7X
7.) Barry Wood 217-4X
8.) Roger Gagnon 198-2X

10.5# CLASS
1.) Mark Rocheleau 250-13X
2.) Penny Hadfield 249-20X
3.) Al Hadfield 247-12X
4.) Doug Shea 246-4X
5.) Roger Gagnon 242-10X
6.) Dave Shattuck 234-4X
7.) Michael Gallant 232-5X
8.) Barry Wood 227-2X

13.5# CLASS
1.) Al Hadfield 249-18X
2.) Mark Rocheleau 248-14X
3.) Penny Hadfield 247-11X
4.) Michael Gallant 245-13X
5.) Dave Shattuck 244-10X
6.) Doug Shea 242-8X
7.) Barry Wood 240-10X
8.) Roger Gagnon 228-6X

The AGBR match wasnt anything that impressive as it was only Doug Shea and myself who stuck around for it, and Doug swept the day.

Doug 248-7X
Dave 241-3X

Doug 247-5X
Dave 243-4X

Doug 248-7X
Dave 248-4X

I want to thank all who came and look forward to our next match on June 26th.

Dave Shattuck

06-01-2010, 09:05 PM
As always Dave, thanks for running a great match. Congratulations again to Mark on his fine shooting and his 250.


Al Hadfield
06-02-2010, 06:36 AM
Congratulations Mark!

250's are special, especially the first one. That old Lapua is still serving you well.


Dave Shattuck
06-02-2010, 05:56 PM

It wasn't Lapua, but Federal UM-1 for his Sporter, then Old Eley Tenex that served him so well.


Al Hadfield
06-02-2010, 07:03 PM
Your right Dave. Ya'all just witnessed a brain phart. :eek:

Al :)