View Full Version : good things and hope for more

05-20-2010, 11:42 AM
this site has changed and I'm sure it's for positive !!!
the name is Benchrest Central and it should be about serious bench shooting, but as in any sport growth is essential.
we have stopped makin comments to newbies that discourage lurkers from posting, and that in my opinion will do a lot for growth as by looking at the CZ accessories post you can see we have over ten thousand views.
that tells me tons of folks view this site that don't post.
everybody has to start somewhere and the lowly inexpensive CZ is a good place.
the old heads and pro members are to be commended for their patience and willingness to help a new guy out,their understanding of todays economy and
the passions of a beginner is priceless in our effort to grow and have newbies, and newbies will insure we will always have a place and games to play with our rimfires.
so here's to the PROS and the new guys willing to jump in and get their feet wet..my hat is off to you !