View Full Version : Dietzville 2500's

05-16-2010, 08:45 AM
Well there was some hot shooting last night at the Dietzville Bench Rest Club, TX. There were three 2500's shot last night, of course waiting final verification by the ARA front office. I didn't look at the targets but understand they were solid so shouldn't be a problem with such.
Macky Locklin got his on Target 4, then it was David Schmidt's turn on Target 5, but David wasn't going to stop there and did it again on Target 6.
I think it was a fitting tribute to Bill Myers and his great work for Macky was shooting one of Bill's beautiful exotic wood stock Suhl's.
Note that David's final agg for the night, 6 targets, was 2429.17, now that's flat getting it done. Nice shooting guys.