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Kent Owens
05-15-2010, 08:24 PM
Thanks to everyone who came to shoot today. There would not be a match if it weren't for you guys showing up and shooting. Conditions were very good, except for being hot and humid. There was very little wind. Ernie was even asking for wind to blow! Or that may have been Wally? I had a great time spending the day with my grandson Devin, and it was even better that I lucked up and shot some good targets too. I appreciate all the help from Wally, Ernie, and Cliff, Robert, and Bill as referees. It was good to shoot with all of you guys again. You are a tough bunch!!! Thanks to Marc Nachman for coming and shooting with us. I hope he will come back again. Thanks to all of you.

Results: Match 1
1st-250-16X- Kent Owens
2nd- 248-14X-Ernie Jenderko
3-247-14X-Wallace Putnam

10.5 lb. class
1-250-19X- Kent Owens
2-249-14X- Ernie Jenderko-FM-15
3-249-14X- Wallace Putnam- FM-4

13.5 lb. Class
1-250-18X- Kent Owens
2-250-17X- Wallace Putnam
3-249-14X- Ernie Jenderko

1-750-53X -Kent Owens
2-746-42X- Ernie Jenderko
3-745-45X-Wallace Putnam

Match 2
1-249-14X- Ernie Jenderko
2-248-12X- Wallace Putnam
3-248-10X- Kent Owens

10.5 class
1-250-14X- Kent Owens
2-249-11X- Wallace Putnam
3-249-11X- Allen Stigall

13.5 class
1-249-14X- Robert Varney
2-249-13- Devin Roberts (my grandson) proud of him!!!!!
3-247-16X-Wallace Putnam

1st-744-43x- Ernie Jenderko
2nd-744-39X-Wallace Putnam
3rd-743-39- Kent Owens