View Full Version : Wallkill Rod & Gun Club Results

Bob Griffin
04-19-2010, 12:35 PM
Below are the results from the Wallkill Rod & Gun Club matches 04-18-10. Thanks to everyone for coming and shooting. Please come back. Congrats to Bill Buskey who shot THREE 250's throughout the course of the day.

Sptr: Bill Buskey 250-13X, Bob Griffin 245-10X, Melvin Eck 243-11X

10.5Lb: Melvin Eck 249-14X, Bob Griffin 247-7X, Bill Buskey 247-13X, Ken Alfredo 245-10X, Dennis Alfredo 232-6X

13.5Lb: Bill Buskey 250-15X, Bob Griffin 248-14X, Melvin Eck 248-12X, Ken Alfredo 246-16X, Dennis Alfredo 237=10X

UL1: Bob Griffin 247-14X,
Bill Buskey 246-13X,
Ken Alfredo 246-12X,
Melvin Eck 245-11X,
Greg Shevchuck 238-7X

UL2: Bill Buskey 250-12X,
Bob Griffin 249-17X,
Melvin Eck 246-10X,
Ken Alfredo 244-8X,
Greg Shevchuck 237-6X

UL3: Bob Griffin 248-18X,
Bill Buskey 247-11X,
Ken Alfredo 246-12X,
Melvin Eck 242-9X,
Greg Shevchuck 241-11X

Bill B
04-19-2010, 02:48 PM
Thanks. I give much of the credit to Gordon Eck for building me a truly first class-world class sporter and for breathing new life into my 10.5 lb rifle. Having first class equipment is a huge part of having success in this game.

Thanks Bob for volunteering to run matches again at Wallkill. You always run a first rate match and thanks to Bob Bain for scoring.

04-19-2010, 07:36 PM
Bob, I will be back. You run a first class match.

Greg Shevchuck