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04-15-2010, 12:43 PM
First off thanks to all for the excellent info i've learned over the last few months from you guys.(the reading the wind flags post(s) were the best info i've read in a long time!) OK. i'm entering the world of rimfire benchrest this year. I am looking for some info on a good rifle to start with. Backround: i have been shooting actively (against myself) for about 12 years centerfire benchrest. trap shooting competition and hand gun competition for 10 years or so. NOW i think i need to get into rimfire benchrest. I'm trying to get and idea for which rifle I should get. Goal: I have much to learn especially about reading wind, however I want a rifle that will be competitive and that I will want to shoot for years, rather than start with one and move up-as I said I am wanting to get into this! I really would like to stay less than 2000 (for the rifle as I already have a scope(or two but dont tell my wife), and have found several...kimber svt, cooper trp, remington 40x, and even a time precision br. Question: to be honest i dont know how to decide. It seems as the kimber would be least likely then a cooper and the remington 40x being the best choice...but i dont really know if thats the way to go. I know this is long and hopefully don't bore you fellas with blabbin' but I appreciate your views and have found this site to be the best as far as info/feedback. thanks in advance....long time follower, first time poster.

bob finger
04-15-2010, 01:25 PM
pm sent. bob