View Full Version : Front markings on older Weaver T-16

04-15-2010, 11:27 AM
I have a Weaver T-16 on my 64 that is roughly 30 years old.
It has an adjustable front objective with markings on the moving objective itself and on the scope tube. But the ones on the scope tube are way different then say my bushnell that only has one mark on the tube.
The Weaver is marked as followed, On the objectiv....... it has numbers from 0 through 9.
But on the tube .......there in a center maked with a 0 but numbers to the right and to the left, Odd numbers (1 through 9) to the right, and even numbers (2 through 10) on the left.
I would really like to know how to read these adjustments.
Is there a benefit to knowing how to read this?
Im thinking these markings are there for a reason, right?


Joe Lipari

04-15-2010, 06:21 PM

Yes they are there for a reason however there is no reason to them as in other scopes you may be familiar with. Most scopes at the time were directly related to yardage and most were changed regularly.
Weaver made a micrometer type AO that like a micrometer was related to nothing. Upon setting your scope up for a specific range you were to copy the setting numbers down and you did this for each range yardage. when you changed just look up that setting and reset.