View Full Version : Reduced Load Powders and Accuracy

03-07-2010, 07:40 PM
I have renamed and resubmitted this thread as the real question here is about reduced loads and reduced load powders.

As some of you have read, I was considering either selling my Ruger No.1 220 Swift or re-barreling and rechambering it to a different cartridge. This is because I have come to realize that I am a casual target shooter, rather than a varmint shooter. I also got tired of spending so much time and energy cleaning copper from my barrel.

I was again visiting Tim Mullins, my gunsmith and he suggested a different solution. He recommended using IMR SR 4759 powder as it allows reduced velocities, reduced recoil and less copper fouling. A bit of research came up with the following formula for a 220 swift reduced load (courtesy of Chuck Hawks):
A 55 grain FMJ bullet with 13.5 gr. of IMR 4759 and a CCI 200 large rifle primer = 2000 fps. With any other powder I have seen for the 220 Swift low range speeds have been in excess of 3500 fps.

Has any one else tried this? If so, how did it affect 200 yard accuracy?