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03-01-2010, 06:51 PM
I have heard varying reports on Wolf primers. I thought I would see for myself (separate fact from rumor). I shot 50 rounds from my F-TR .308 today at 100 yards. Good shooting conditions prevailed. Here are the results:

CCI 200 Large rifle primer (my standard primer), 5, 5 shot groups
Best .285, Worst .629, Avg .491

Wolf large rifle primer (most available primer, same price as CCI 200)
5, 5 shot groups
Best .317, Worst .567, Avg .467

Some more data:
I have heard that using a cheap scope was not worth the waste of money. I thought I would carry out the ultimate cheap scope test. The above was shot with a $65 Tru Glo, made in China, 36X44 fixed power, 1/8 MOA click, scope from Natchez. It shoots exactly the same as my $600 Nikon 6-20 Monark! Now I admit this was a small sample test, but .....

To add fuel to the cheap scope test, I put 100 rounds through my Ruger MK77/22 using the above Tru Glow. My groups at 50 yards (sub 1/2") are significantly better with the 36X Tru Glo than the $500 9X Leupold that I normally use.

Hey for $65 it was worth the fun of the test. I wonder how much better my groups would be with a mega thousand dollar March scope :rolleyes: