View Full Version : The Dreadnought Rolls

Russ Rosene
02-23-2010, 09:11 PM
Update on the 'nought. After determining pneumatic tires were the only way to roll over rough and muddy ground the search for a reasonable price began. Northern Tool had a sale - $8 each with tubes and ball bearing hubs. No, top quality is not required since top speed [unless it runs away - God help anyone on the downhill side] should be 1-2 mph.

The top drawer holds the loose small tools. It folds flat for closure. The remaining small drawers use parts containers. Provision for two cleaning rods added to the top.

The rest drawer worked out well. Forms with non skid rubber carpet pad are fitted to the base plate and lower pedestal. I went with a split rail on the top to accommodate the fore end stop. Lots of room for bags and bulky goodies.

The scope drawer is a work in progress. Currently the scope is wrapped and snug in it's bin. The scope stand and base sit in a slotted platform to control their movement.

The squat and lift will be eased by removing the rest drawer. Repeat after me; back straight and use your legs. Two cargo straps secure the 'nought to keep it from joining me in the cab during extreme maneuvers.

Is it small? Hell no. Is it light? Are you kidding!?! Is it practical? So far so good. It holds everything but wind flags [I've got an idea] and maybe an umbrella holder for the uncivilized ranges.

02-23-2010, 09:18 PM
Just put a hitch on it and tow it :)

I actually saw a car towing a refrigerator, leaning into the trunk, down the road on an appliance dolly doing about 20 mph. nhk