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02-21-2010, 11:22 AM
Rimfire Benchrest Trivia Question for Today:
IR50/50, RBA, IR50/50

How many Total Matches were held in the US last year? ~ :rolleyes:

How many different shooters shot in these matches? ~ :rolleyes:


02-21-2010, 11:32 AM
It might take me a few hours on this one, Doug. I have to do a bunch of cross-hatching. But as of now I have a total of 1093 shooters competing in the three organizations, but many of those competed in more than one so the answer to question #2 is less than 1093. The hardest part will be number of matches....a lot of time to count them up.

John M. Carper

02-21-2010, 11:45 AM
If a person shoots in matches in all three organizations then that is only one shooter.
Exception would be when he or the organization's use a different spelling for his name.

02-21-2010, 12:00 PM
I only see a question about two organizations. Am I missing something? Thanks Fred

02-21-2010, 12:26 PM
I was thinking the same thing about shooters. A single shooter can shoot multiple organizations. I guess I now see what CadillacJack sees.....I assume you mean all three: RBA, ARA, IR50/50?

I have 1043 total matches among all three. Might be off a couple.

John M. Carper

02-21-2010, 12:30 PM
I give up on the number of shooters Doug. Only a guy who updates the scoring programs and has an up-to-date list of shooters and all the match compilations could do it very easily.....with Excel. So I'll just guess around 700 to 750 shooters total.

John M. Carper

02-21-2010, 01:37 PM
There were 1169 Shooters
And they shot in 1101 Matches
at Approximately 38,173 Targets

~ ARA ~
# Shooters -- 618
# Matches - - 430
# Tgts - - - 18,901 Aprox

~ IR 50/50 ~
# Shooters -- 593
# Matches - - 379
# Tgts - - -11,520 Aprox

~ RBA ~
# Shooters -- 268
# Matches - - 292
# Tgts - - - -7,752 Aprox

The RBA & IR50/50 numbers are from the DB's so they are fairly accurate.
The ARA numbers are from the ARA website Excel file.


02-21-2010, 03:02 PM
Thanks Doug! I didn't take in the numbers of at least ARA indoor numbers.

John M. Carper

02-21-2010, 06:18 PM
Is there any way you can look and see how many folks shot ONE single match of any of the organizations or how many shot one of each? It would be interesting to see the numbers of shooters that tried a discipline or two or even three but never shot again. Can you understand what I'm thinking Doug?

John M. Carper

bob finger
02-21-2010, 07:21 PM
John: While an interesting statistic it won't answer your question. Maybe those one time shooters will be there next year for only one or more. Maybe not.

The nearest RBA shoot for me is an 8 hour drive. I doubt I'd attend more than one a year, the indoor nationals. I have to drive at a minimum 3.5 hours to shoot ANY of the three and I promise myself to make that drive not more than once per month. My wife won't consider moving to Texas even tho I prefer the ARA venue so I'm stuck.

No matter how you slice it we are a very small fraternity. And a much smaller sorority I might add. How do we change that? bob

Bill Wynne
02-21-2010, 08:28 PM
No matter how you slice it we are a very small fraternity. And a much smaller sorority I might add. How do we change that? bob

Isn't that roughly about one 22 Benchrest shooter out of each 200,000 people? We are so exclusive that we are almost extinct.

Like the dinosaur said, "We need to do something".

We here at the San Angelo Gun Club are trying out the FUN-fire target to try to get some of the more casual shooters to join us in shooting IR 50/50. There are several other clubs who have taken us up on our offer of 100 targets for $25 including shipping. We should know how it works latter this year or maybe next year.

As I have said before in other posts, this target has its' scoring rings twice as far apart as the regular IR 50/50 and is meant to be shot with factory rifles.

It is also meant to be shot at the same time and on the same firing line as the regular IR 50/50. The real test will be when we see how many of these shooters eventually step up to the harder targets.

Concho Bill

02-22-2010, 07:54 AM
A quick look at my DB's indicate that there were around 500 shooters that shot only one or two matches! UGH :o

02-22-2010, 12:20 PM
Some of us are new shooters, I think I only shot 4 match's. But I will be back this year to shoot. I have to drive 2-4 hours to get to a shoot.
But I plan to shoot in 10.5 and unlimited with my Suhl.

Semper fi

Bill Wynne
02-22-2010, 10:41 PM
It is good to be among the top 1169 rimfire benchrest shooters in the United States. I'll live with that.

In my lifetime I have chosen not to go along with the crowd but to walk my own path. If we choose to do something well and to be the best that we can and we find ourselves in a place where there are very few others, what is wrong with that?

Doug, How many pilots are there in the world who are certified to fly the planes that you flew? I know that there are some but not many who share my understanding of construction. There are exceptional people all around us in benchrest shooting. It takes a special kind of nut to do this.

Concho Bill

02-23-2010, 09:47 PM
Doug, Do you have any idea at all how this stacks up to prior years?

02-24-2010, 10:20 AM
Tim - I do not have the ARA or IR50/50 DB from previous years.
Bill - Not Many

Now for todays Trivia:

Top Ten Shooters Median 3 Gun Agg.
RBA 3 Gun - 740.3
IR50 3 Gun - 742.0

Top Shooter 3 Gun Agg:
Median Avg Tgt
RBA 3 Gun - 742 246
IR50 3 Gun - 743 248

Yes a shooter can usually get a better score on IR 50/50 target.

Took the Top 20 shooters and all their 3 gun scores for the year.
(The List - IR50/50 & Standings - RBA)
Sorted the top 10 of these shooters.
Used all the matches shot in 2009.
AVG Target is Sum of all 3 Gun Aggs/ 3

02-24-2010, 06:09 PM
You have a wealth of information there that can be used to make these sports better and more inviting. I don't know all the questions to ask or the ways to find the answers. Maybe you do and maybe you don't. But the data you have, even for one year, can be used to make life easier for those running organizations, matches and to entice those that have tried it once and fear trying it again. Doug, I'll be thinking of some of the questions to ask. I'll PM you sometime in the near future.

John M. Carper