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02-18-2010, 11:52 AM
Here is a not-so-quick answer to “What’s a postal tournament?”
For a complete set of rules and entry form go to:

The Postal Tournament is a 100 yd score rifle competition. You send us $65 and we mail you 25 targets (IBS 100 yd). Each target is a match. There are 5 matches per agg. 5 aggs for the tournament. Side note = if you are not sure you want to do the whole tournament, but still want to try it, you can pay 17.50 per agg.

Each agg is due back by a certain date. You can pick when you shoot your targets. The first agg is due back early May, the last one is due in late Sept. The rest are spaced in-between. We will award certificates for the top finishers in each class per agg PLUS pay back money to top finishers in each class per agg, and other prizes.

There are 4 classes. VFS, Hunter/Varmint Hunter(6X), Factory Modified, and Factory. You do not have to have Benchrest type equipment – just shoot what you got. My first year, I shot off of a 3 legged card table through a corn field. Not joking. I had to shoot all my aggs before the corn got to tall.

Steve and I do not keep the money. Well, OK, we might buy a beverage or two at the end of the season, but for 99% of the money - what you pay in goes back out (targets, certificates, prize money, awards, etc)

Benefits of shooting the postal.
1. The “excitement” of competition without having to drive long distances.
2. If you prepay – you could win some awesome prizes
3. Gets you in contact with some of the best shooters in the nation.
4. Chance to win money 5 times per tournament
5. You get to truly find out what you and your rifle can do.
6. It is a great learning “springboard”
7. It’s just plain FUN

Jason Stanley(Apollo) & Steve Grosvenor(Redrock)