View Full Version : New Savage 220F Slug Gun Results?

12-07-2009, 06:53 PM
As some slug hunters may be aware, Savage recently released the model 220F, a 20ga bolt-gun based on the 110 action.


Does anyone have this new gun and have grouping sessions to report on?

I have seen reports from some of the usual Elmer Fudds in the slug forums, but I was hoping to get some news on this guns potential from a forum known for having experienced shooters. ;) :D


12-07-2009, 11:31 PM
It appears there are 2 variants.
12 GA. :)
Plus camo for each.

12-10-2009, 05:47 PM
The 210F has been out for a while, and is built on a much larger action than the 220 (110) action. The new gun is the 220.

It looks like no visitors here own one. :(

12-23-2009, 12:39 PM
I have one and used it this year in Michigan.

It is built on the Savage long action. I mounted a Zeiss Conquest 1.8-5.5x38 scope on it, which was challenging. But I was determined to make it work because I love that scope and thought it would be perfect for this gun.

I bought Warne bases and low rings. I ended up removing the slot key from the rear ring and mounting the scope with the front ring firmly in the slot but with the rear ring on the front of the rear base but not on the slot. This made the scope fit but just barely.

Savage actually recommends the EGW 2120 base, I found out later. That EGW base is a one-piece base, however, and I would want to test shell ejection with that base in place. If I was starting over that is the base I would buy. If not I would buy some extended scope rings.

Savage recommends either Federal Premium Barnes Expander slugs or Remington Accutips. I had previously used Federal Barnes slugs in a 12 gauge and had wonderful accuracy and performance, so those are the ones I tried first. I tried only the 3 inch version, not the 2.75". I could not get them to group worth a darn.

Then, because I couldn't find the Remington Accutips locally, I tried all sorts of other slugs. (Hastings, Buckhammers, Lightfields, etc). None of them would group to my satisfaction, at which point I was frustrated and questioning my scope.

But I ordered some Remington Accutips in 3 inch online. I got them and things suddenly changed for the better. I shot 2 shots at about 40 yards and hit both in the center of the bullseye and touching. I didn't touch any scope adjustments. I backed out to about 75 yards and shot again. The third shot was also in the bull, which was a pleasant surprise. Some have complained of ejection problems, but my gun ejects ok. But I don't baby the bolt. I cycle it hard and all the way back. If I didn't I would probably have ejection problems also. The gun uses a magazine that holds 2 shells. I had a difficult time inserting the magazine into the gun until I started using this method: insert the rear of the magazine into the gun and then rock the front into place. When doing that it works ok. But don't just press it in or you will be there all day.

I put the gun in my gun cabinet. When I pulled the gun back out, it had a small rip in the recoil pad. The recoil pad is a very soft, tacky thing that is easily torn. It wasn't long before the entire corner of the pad was gone. But to Savage's credit, I called them and they are sending another. They mentioned that this is the only pad that will work on this gun, although their explanation as to why was lost on me. Supposedly this pad reduces recoil, but I would trade recoil for some more durability in this case.

I shot a buck at 65 yards broadside with this gun on 11/29. I aimed tight behind the shoulder, the shot hit exactly where I aimed, and he ran about 75 yards. The slug was just under the skin on the buck's opposite side (no exit). The entrance hole was small with no blood to speak of. Recovery could have been difficult given the lack of a blood trail, but I was lucky and spotted his white belly fairly easily.

I have read online some complaints about misfires with this gun where the shell primers have very small dents, as if the firing pin isn't hitting the primer fully. I don't know if this problem is common or uncommon, but it hasn't happened to me.

Overall I am pleased with the gun. I like how it handles. It handles much more like a rifle than the 12 gauge Browning Gold Deer Hunter I was using previously. (not that my 12 gauge isn't accurate, because it is) The accutrigger is sure better than the trigger on the Browning, I'll tell you that.

The gun I have is the non-camo version (black synthetic stock with blued barrel). I would prefer a fancy walnut stock with a blind magazine. I am not sure, given the size of 20 gauge shells, if a custom stock could be built with a blind magazine. But if so I want one.

I will shoot the gun at 100 yards this spring and see how it groups at that distance, but I expect it would group really well given how it shot at 75.