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10-19-2009, 04:44 PM
First let me introduce myself. My name is Jeff and I hail from Beloit, Wi. I belong to the Beloit Rifle Club and my rifle love has turned out to be BR50. Since BR is quite new to me and I don't want to ask the same old questions that us newbies ask all the time. I will start by says that I lurked about and read most posts regarding Ansch 54, 64., 40x, Suhl, and Win52. These are the classics and are enough to give me the sweats when I see and shoot one. I have looked in our classifieds. But it seems that $2000-3500 is the starting price for used. While I'm willing to invest into that price I'm scared to buy on someones word that they are selling it because it is a second or third backup rifle. Only to find out its better used to hunt with.Weather its sold here or somewhere else. Soooo. my question is. I have run across a Win M75 for under $700. Listed as Metal-GD, Wood-VG, Rifling-VG. I really never heard of this model. Is it a true target rifle that can be used for BR. Or should I just save up for a new Ansch 54. Your help will go along way in helping me make my choice. Jeff

10-19-2009, 04:56 PM
I had a Win 75T that I put in a free stock and got a Masters card in smallbore indoors. It never got shot past 50 feet and is not a benchrest quality rifle. It was a starter target rifle but not a starter BR rifle.

10-19-2009, 05:53 PM

Save your money and buy a used Benchrest rifle from the classifieds. If you can find one local at a match you can shoot it right there. Most guys will give you a three day test period if you ask. A new rifle will still need a stock, tuner and possibly a barrel to be competitive. Better off with a proven shooter. There are many reasons for someone to sell a rifle, some very good ones come up for sale regularly. You may also try Dan Killough he usually has some rifles in stock. Good luck.


10-19-2009, 11:17 PM
I've been shooting M75 for about 30 years. It was their mid priced target rifle. Decent guns but not even close for benchrest. For $100 to $300 more you can get a Rem 40X. That's a great start for BR rig.

Jim Hodgson
10-20-2009, 09:40 AM
Hi Wisconsin,

I'm brand new to this as well, and I'm currently asking the same questions of the forum! I'm jumping in here only because I can shed some light on the Win. 75. I already have a 1949 Model 75 -- but it never really crossed my mind to turn it into a BR gun. Quality-wise, the 75 stood between the 69 and 52, so far as Winchester target rifles of that era are concerned. If you read the literature, Winchester was a little apologetic that the 75 wasn't a 52. The company was very frank that the 75 was an "everyman's rifle" and priced accordingly. Don't get me wrong: quality is very high, and my 75 in black walnut is one of the most gorgeous rifles I've ever laid eyes and hands on. It looks, feels, and -- most importantly -- shoots great. But, I know in my heart that it will never shoot like a modern BR gun will. Not even close enough to argue about. Also (and this may be a minor point), mounting a modern scope is going to require extra drilling. (The barrel came D&Ted from the factory and is set up to use proprietary scope mounts spaced something like 18 inches apart. What a pain...) I actually gave up trying to find an elegant workaround and have resigned myself to using its open sights. So, it's a vintage piece that's enjoyable to own, but that's as far as it goes I'm afraid.

BTW, anything like $700 for a 75 in good to very good condition is waaay too expensive in my opinion. You're approaching a 52 in equivalent condition for that price. You should be able to find a 75 in G-VG for more like $400-$500 tops. I've attached a couple of pics of a $500 Model 75 for comparison purposes. Put it this way: much as I love my 75 and much as I hate selling guns, if you were to offer me $700 for mine (please don't :)), I'd definitely jump at that offer. Winchester made boatloads of these -- they're not at all rare...

As someone else mentioned, Dan Killough sells used BR guns, and he has a number of really appealing guns for sale right now in the price range you mention. A little too expensive for me considering where I am in all of this. But, have at it! With him, you won't be buying simply on faith (good or otherwise)...

Good luck!

10-20-2009, 10:21 AM
Hi Jeff, I also live in Beloit, Wis. and I belong to the rifle club. I participate in the Benchrest matches. The season is over now but we have a BR. meeting scheduled for April, watch the news letter. If you could attend one of our shoots starting next May, you would get a good cross section of fine bench rest rifles. Most of the shooters would be glad to let you shoot their rifles, ask questions, Give out tips, all in all just have a good time. If you can hold off until then, I think this would answer all of your questions. If you want to purchase a rifle, as someone mentioned a Rem. 40X would be a fine rifle, anyway good luck and I look forward to meeting you........Slim

10-20-2009, 12:44 PM
Jeff & Slim,

I'm in Crystal Lake (IL), not too far from Beloit. I know you've mentioned BR-50 club shoots but does your club offer any sanctioned matches (IR 50/50, ARA, etc)? I've been looking for options for shooting actual BR matches in northern IL/southern WI. I've found that Chief City, down near Pontiac, shoots a variety of matches and intend on driving down to participate someday when I can afford something more competetive than my 541X Voelker Match (BR training rifle). Beloit would be closer and I would gladly take a ride out there as well if your club has sanctioned matches that allow non-club members to participate. Heck, I might even shoot the 541 in some matches for the time being just to get some actual match experience and meet some local contacts who enjoy rimfire BR as much as I do. My club only has a very informal BR shoot (1/2 a BR-50 target) that's almost a postal match without having to mail the target. The problem is that they normally shoot on Tuesdays and the couple of times that I was able to participate I never found out how well I did or even what my competition did. I'd like to do some match shooting where all the shooters compete at the same time so any help is appreciated.


10-22-2009, 06:13 AM
Hi Mr. Nolan, no we don't have sanctioned shoots, I wish we did. Starting in May we shoot every other Saturday. We would be glad to have you drop in anytime. We have shooters from Illinois who have droped in, shot and are now members of our club. In fact the Range Captian and assistant are both fron Rockford. We shoot two A.R.A. cards plus a barnyard shoot (2 Cards). We hand out trophies at the end of the season to the 1st four places in each of the two matches. Many shooters just like to compete in the barnyard shoots. It doesn't require a Benchrest rifle, the squirrel rifle would do just fine. On the other hand there are some shooters that want to shoot ARA targets only, anyway it is an enjoyable time for everyone......Slim