View Full Version : NC States match 9-26-09

steve stanley
09-27-2009, 11:22 AM
The NC states match was held yesterday at the piedmont gun club, they have a nice facility and some fine folks running the operation there, Tommy Williams and his crew ran a great match under tough conditions( rain and heavy rain mixed thru out the day, not a good day to be on the target crew). Everyone involved is to be commended for a fine job. At 100 yds. Wayne France took everyone to school with a fine 250-24x performance with Mike Rippey in 2nd w-250-22x and Big snake Jim Wooten in 3rd w 250-22x also. At 200 yards the Humble one Henry Rivers took the win with a 250-12 x score for the win with Mike( middle snake) Rippey in 2nd w 250-12x also and Johnny Lorrick was 3rd with 250- 9x. In the grand Mike Rippey took the win with a 500-33x score and the Humble one was 2nd. I think Jim Wooten got 3rd in the grand, these scores might not be right, doing this from memory and I have CRS. 5 people shot clean Mike Rippey, Henry Rivers, Jim Wooten, Johnny Lorrick and Steve Stanley. I'm sure Tommy or someone will post what really happened soon. My buddy Francey was tearing us a new one at 200 but got caught on a switch that was so fast that you could bearly see it, just a flash of yellow as he broke the shot and then it was gone and so was his point, he finished with a 249-16x score for 6th at 200 and the grand, this fight between Francey and Big Snake for the SSOY award looks like it is going to the wire and it is a shame one of them will have to lose as both are having great years. Congrats to all who shot well and thanks to Tommy and all the folks from Piedmont gun club for there hard work and there warm southern hospitality, If you didn't feel welcome there it was your fault. See ya at the range, Steve

Dick Grosbier
09-27-2009, 08:39 PM
Congrats Mike, Humble and Jim, plus my friend Wayne for winning 100 and almost winning the whole thing with a new record.