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Dave Shattuck
09-21-2009, 05:45 PM
On Saturday, September 12th, we wrapped up our 2009 shooting seasons for both IR 50/50 3-Gun and Air Gun Bench Rest up on Pinnacle Mountain with some of the most miserable conditions we have seen in years – that is other than for our August match when Tropical Storm Danny was breaking up as he passed over us.

The beginning of the day wasn’t all that bad during the set-up period, plus throughout most of the Sporter Class as the rains were still to our south. But, when they finally did arrive they were accompanied by a decent amount of wind, more than the 1 to 3 MPH that had originally been predicted, and closer to 10 to 15 MPH, which only made everything all that much more interesting ...and wet.

Eight of us stood the task of trying to finish out the season with some sort of respectability, and Dan Gibeault ended up being the big winner of the day as he won both the Sporter and 13.5# Classes, plus shot a 741-40X Agg score. Good shooting Dan and hope to see you again next year.

But, it was Al and Penny Hadfield who took home all of the SOTY honors with Al winning the 10.5# Class for the year and Penny winning the Sporter Class, the 13.5# Classes, and the Club 3-Gun Aggregate titles. Good shooting you guys!

And the results were:
1.) DAN GIBEAULT 247-11X
2.) Penny Hadfield 243-10X
3.) Todd Banks 243-8X
4.) Dave Shattuck 240-7X
5.) Paul Bendix 238-8X FM-3
6.) Al Hadfield 238-8X FM-2
7.) Michael Gallant 238-7X
8.) Doug Shea DNQ

10.5# CLASS
1.) AL HADFIELD 247-14X
2.) Penny Hadfield 246-13X
3.) Todd Banks 246-11X
4.) Michael Gallant 245-14X FM-1
5.) Dan Gibeault 245-14X FM-1
6.) Paul Bendix 245-11X
7.) Doug Shea 237-10X
8.) Dave Shattuck 219-3X

13.5# CLASS
1.) DAN GIBEAULT 249-15X
2.) Todd Banks 247-17X
3.) Paul Bendix 247-12X
4.) Penny Hadfield 246-9X
5.) Michael Gallant 245-13X
6.) Al Hadfield 245-10X
7.) Dave Shattuck 245-8X
8.) Doug Shea 241-9X

As for the 2009 Pinnacle Mountain Shooter of the Year results:
2.) Dave Shattuck 966-30X
3.) Al Hadfield 959-27X
4.) Michael Gallant 947-26X

10.5# CLASS
1.) AL HADFIELD 991-51X
2.) Penny Hadfield 989-57X
3.) Michael Gallant 985-49X
4.) Doug Shea 939-27X
5.) Dave Shattuck 938-26X

13.5# CLASS
2.) Al Hadfield 990-48X
3.) Michael Gallant 985-52X
4.) Dave Shattuck 972-36X
5.) Doug Shea 965-33X

1.) PENNY HADFIELD 2955-145X
2.) Al Hadfield 2940-126X
3.) Michael Gallant 2913-142X
4.) Dave Shattuck 2871-91X

We also finished up our 2009 Air Gun Bench Rest season that afternoon. There were only three of us who stuck around to watch our pellets being blown all over the place, with the results being:

1.) PAUL BENDIX 247-7X
2.) Doug Shea 247-6X
3.) Dave Shattuck 243-0X

1.) DOUG SHEA 247-5X
2.) Paul Bendix 244-4X
3.) Dave Shattuck 237-2X

1.) PAUL BENDIX 245-3X
2.) Dave Shattuck 243-4X
3.) Doug Shea 241-2X

1.) PAUL BENDIX 737-14X
2.) Doug Shea 735-13X
3.) Dave Shattuck 723-6X

And, the 2009 Air Gun Shooter of the Year goes to:
1.) DOUG SHEA 2929-36X
2.) Dave Shattuck 2919-46X
Good shooting Doug, and I can't wait for next season.

That’s it for another season up here on the hill, and I hope more shooters decide to come out and give either of these games a try during our 2010 season which will be starting next April.

See you all then, and thanks for coming.

Dave Shattuck

Paul Bendix
09-22-2009, 04:21 AM
Thanks for running the matches at PM this year. I always enjoy shooting them. Looking forward to next season.

PM Range

Bear and Max


Dave scoring soggy targets!



09-22-2009, 07:14 PM
Thanks again for running the matches at Pinnacle. The work you put into getting everything up and running is greatly appreciated.

Congrats to Penny and Al!!!


Al Hadfield
09-23-2009, 05:41 AM
Dave, as always, thanks for all your hard work.

Even though it was tyipical "Paul" weather it was still fun.

Paul, nice pictures, one can almost feel the rain.

Al & Penny

Joe Friedrich
09-23-2009, 01:08 PM
Congrats Penny and Al with the SOTY, and to everyone else. Very nice pics Paul, Thanks for sharing them.