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09-11-2009, 12:32 PM
I am building another 10/22 rifle with a claude gatewood stock. I want a muzzle weighted 19" bull barrel made by green mountain. Here are my two questions.

1. Is this barrel from green mountain accurate? Just plinking and target shooting, no competition.

2. Hi-Desert dog has this barrel threaded for a silencer which I want. I have no experience with this company. If anyone had done business would like to know about them such as are they reliable, reputable etc.?

09-11-2009, 12:55 PM
I dont know much about 10/22's but from what I understand Green Mountain is very accurate barrel to install. There is also the option of Shilian and Lilja barrels also, but have seen Green Mountain barrels put 10 shot at 50 yards under a nickle.

As for the silencer, I would think you have just thrown all accuracy you wanted right out the window, but could be wrong. What is the purpose of this silencer? You going to shoot in your backyard and dont want your neighbors to know, or you just want it for the coolness factor? You better check state and city laws about that silencer.

Hope this helps and this is just my two cents.

oh, i am probably pretty sure you have already, but you might want to post up on rimfirecentral as they know more about that stuff then this board does. This board is more dedicated to the bolt guns and competition shooting. Something about 10/22 shooters asking questions on here ruffles some peoples feathers, which I don't know why.