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Joe Haller
09-03-2009, 01:11 AM
Rimfire Central has a lot of forums. So many, that most shooters who look around in there have never seen the "Matches" Section.

We are running "On-Line-Matches" on RFC. A new set of matches every month. We have not missed a month since we started back in 2001. We have a set of State & Regional 4 Man Team Matches and have had teams from many states, plus Canada, Australia and Brazil. In months when there are less then 4 shooters from a state, we group shooters into Regional teams and "Orphan" teams.

Here are the regions we use.

A lot of clubs will be closing down match activities soon for the winter. Join us. You can shoot year round in these matches. You shoot on your home range, score your own targets, (or better yet, have your wife score them).

You report your scores in Rimfire Central's "Benchrest Scope Sight USBR Matches" section.

By the 2nd or 3rd day of the next month you can get the score bulletins here:

Joe Haller
09-03-2009, 01:13 AM
We have four rifle classes in the individual matches. Competitors may shot one or all of the individual matches at 25 & 50 yards. The team matches are "paper matches". That is: We use each shooter's highest score regardless of class, in the 4 Man Team Matches. For some reason, the 25 yard match draws the most interest. Here is the score bulletin for the August 25 yard Team Match. 72 shooters, with 24 of them from MIchigan, and we still can't beat those guys from Texas.
August - 25 yard State/Region 4 Man Team Results
1 - Team Texas
250-20x : Stan Gibbs (Claybuster): Kingsland, TX
250-20x : Jim Pollard (Jim Pollard): Kingsland, TX
250-20x : Jerry Pickard (jerry008): Arlington, TX
250-20x : Andy Feaster (Andy F.): Llano, TX

2 - Team Northeast #1
250-20x : Bill McIntyre (Bill Mc): Broomall, PA
250-20x : Bill Jones (Yooper Bill): Cedarville, MI
250-18x : Bernie Porten (autoloader): Auburn, NY
250-17x : Jim Kester : Barbeau, MI

3 - Team Central #1
250-19x : Dale Smith shakey: Mansfield, TX
250-18x : Richard Storms (deadwooddick): Deadwood, SD
250-14x : Michael Vosdoganes Arlington: (MKLSV), TX
250-12x : Harry Barry : Spring , TX

4 - Team Michigan #1
250-17x : Jim Phillips : Sault Ste. Marie, MI
250-13x : Peter Rabine : Goetzville, MI
250-12x : Samantha Huhtala (age 14): Sault Ste. Marie, MI
250-11x : Gerry Langenderfer : Lewiston, MI

5 - Team Michigan #2
250-10x : Chuck Langenderfer (langenc): Lewiston, MI
250-8x : Marilyn Kester : Barbeau, MI
249-14x : Paige Phillips (age 11): Sault Ste. Marie, MI
249-14x : Ethel O'Brien : Sault Ste. Marie, MI

6 - Team Florida #1
250-11x : Conley Whiddon : Auburndale, FL
250-7x : Dan Pietsch Davenport: , FL
249-7x : Stephanie Whiddon : Auburndale, FL
249-6x : Bob Sanchez : Plant City, FL

7 - Team New Mexico
250-11x : Dave ILL (Ducdave): Alburquerque, NM
249-15x : Tim Barnaby (Barnaby): Alburquerque, NM
248-14x : Jay Sullivan : Cedar Crest, NM
248-13x : Dennis Chavez : Alburquerque, NM

8 - Team Michigan #3
249-5x : Dan Kutchin : Sault Ste. Marie, MI
248-5x : Darrell Kutchin : Sault Ste. Marie, MI
247-9x : Mike Sibbald : Sault Ste. Marie, MI
247-7x : Ken Hoedl Sault Ste. Marie: , MI

9 - Team Central #2
250-10x : Earl Dunning (theearlof): Arlington, TX
247-18x : Bubba Cox (Marlin917VT): McCaskill, AR
247-11x : Wallace Whitlow Central: (Deadi), AR
245-7x : Tom Schutta (Big Bones): Hillman, MN

10 - Team Orphan #1
249-7x : Shawn Davison (SWD): Auburn , CA
248-11x : Jacques Boily (Jack-M1A): Quebec, Canada
247-11x : Reg Richardson : Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
242-4x : Roy Crecelius Florissant: (mountainman2), MO

11 - Team Michigan #4
246-8x : Larry Putnam Sault Ste. Marie: , MI
246-7x : Matt Aho : Negaunnee, MI
245-6x : Craig Nelson Midland: (cnelson181), MI
244-11x : Don Wenglikowski Barbeau: , MI

12 - Team Southeast
245-10x : Gary W. Law Counce: (ADC Trapper), TN
244-5x : Chris Rogers Lakeland: , FL
244-4x : Walt Novak Lakeland: , FL
243-6x : Jack Barstow Tampa: , FL

13 - Team Michigan #5
244-7x : Ethel O'Brien Sault Ste. Marie: , MI
244-6x : Susan Hughes : Indian River, MI
244-6x : Amy Wenglikowski Barbeau: , MI
242-3x : Courtney Terpening St. Ignace: (Age 15), MI

14 - Team Michigan #6
241-5x : Jared Nelson Midland: (age 11), MI
240-6x : Trysten Terpening Sault Ste. Marie: (age 11), MI
237-3x : Joe Haller Sault Ste. Marie: , MI
236-12x : Jessica Haller Sault Ste. Marie: , MI

15 - Team Florida #2
243-4x : Colin Milstead Davenport: (age 13), FL
240-5x : Diane Sanchez Plant City: , FL
234-5x : Sean Stowers Kissimmee: , FL
228-2x : Kylie Milstead Davenport: (age 10), FL

16 - Team Northest #2
234-4x : Jack Lenco Western: Shorty123, PA
234-2x : Brooke Wenglikowski Barbeau: (age 14), MI
230-2x : Andrew Terpening St. Ignace: (Age 13), MI
227-3x : Jacob Huhtala (age 14): Sault Ste. Marie, MI

17 - Team Florida #3
220-2x : Jihe Neptune Lakeland: , FL
219-1x : Alain Neptune Lakeland: , FL
208-2x : Greg Grimes Orlando: , FL
205-0x : Matthew Grimes Orlando: , FL

18 - Team Orphan #2
241-1x : Tony Gossett Marshall: (dartplayer1), MO
240-3x : Jason Menefee : Auburn, CA
233-3x : Craig Bernicky Williamsburg: (Chromie), MO
85-0x : Stephen Khare Tampa: , FL

You are invited to shoot with us. Maybe you can help recruit a 4 Man Team from your State.

Wan'a join?

Joe Haller ( Mr. Frosty)

Bill Wynne
09-03-2009, 08:45 AM
1 - Team Texas
250-20x : Stan Gibbs (Claybuster): Kingsland, TX
250-20x : Jim Pollard (Jim Pollard): Kingsland, TX
250-20x : Jerry Pickard (jerry008): Arlington, TX
250-20x : Andy Feaster (Andy F.): Llano, TX

Great shooting guys. You make us Texans proud.

Concho Bill

09-03-2009, 11:50 AM
Thanks Joe, good write-up.

For those in north Texas area, we also shoot a scheduled USBR match year-round (RimfireCentral rules, not sanctioned) on the second Sunday of each month at the Arlington Sportsman's Club range located in Mansfield, TX.

We shoot the USBR target at both 25 and 50 yards and include the Iron-Sight class shooting the NRA A-23/5 target. We usually have 12-15 shooters, would love to have anyone who likes rimfire benchrest come shoot with us, especially the Arkansas and Louisiana folks.

For more details, my email is smithdaletx@prodigy.net