View Full Version : Ky States match at Buck Creek

steve stanley
08-16-2009, 11:20 AM
The Ky states match was held yesterday 8-15-09 at Buck creek gun club under the supervision of Jackie Stogsdill, in the ultimate act of southern hospitality Jackie didn't shoot so as not to beat up on his guest, some of the other hillbillys weren't so kind. Senior hillbilly Jim Campbell took us to school at 100 yds for the win with a 250-23x score, Wayne( little snake) Lewis was 2nd with 250-23 also. At 200 yds Jim ( Big Snake) Wooten took the win with a 250-15x score. I'm not sure on the other placements( car lag and CRS from the drive home last night) so I'll leave that for Jackie to give the complete report). In the 1-200 grand Wayne( little snake) Lewis won his first grand agg in fine fashion with a 500-36x score, Danny Hensley was 2nd with 500-34x, ( car lag and CRS makes the rest a little fuzzy there was a couple more people at 34) My good friend Wayne France won the cash option money that was run on the 11 point system as he was tearing up the joint at 200 but had a point fall out the bottom to finish with a 249-17x score to knock him out of the 200 and the grand agg win, needless to say he was mighty disappointed but at least he got some cash to salve the wounds. It was an excellent match, well run and good conditions, a little on the hot and humid side but very good overall as was the hospitality of Jackie and his crew. They did a great job with the match and fed everyone with some great food, BBQ'd chicken, beans, slaw, potato salad, a cabbage salad and brownies and lots of cold drinks and all of this was at his expense, another fine example of southern hospitality and of the fine southern gentleman that Jackie is. It was a great match with some of the finest people you will ever meet. Thanks to Jackie and his whole crew for a great time, it made the long trip worthwhile. Congratulations to all who shot well, especially little snake on his first grand agg win,the first is always special. Steve, I see since I made this post that Jackie has put more complete results on the centerfire forum