View Full Version : Aurora gun club benchrest

mike in co
08-15-2009, 12:45 PM
today we shot club benchrest with factory hunter as one class. unlike some organizations our hunter class is just that, stock bbl, no replacement, factory stock, factory chamber, 6x scope. 30-30 case capacity, 30 cal min. it is 10 shot score. winner shot a 92 ox, followed by a 87, a 85, and my savage 110 lefthanded 300 win mag in 4th with an 83-1x.
factory sniper was a tight race with scores running 98-2x,97-3x,97-3x,97-2x for the first four shooters.(again these are factory with unlimited scope, 30 cal,30-30 case volume, 10 shots for score).
i left before the last 4 classes were shot.
mike in co