View Full Version : August 9th 1000 yard match at Colorado Rifle Club

08-10-2009, 12:11 PM
Beautiful cool weather greeted the shooters for the August match. The wind was light from the East but shifty with a boiling mirage. Just another match in the Colorado plains.

George Tompkins brought his son Nick out to join the regular shooters. He qualified for the LG and HG shoot out and almost won both shoots. Come and join us again!

The shoot results are:

Light Gun Winners
Bill Schrader 8.369 Group
George Tompkins 44 Score
Nick Tompkins 14.849 Group
Nate Miller 42 Score

Heavy Gun Winners
George Tompkins 12.875 Group
Nate Miller 89 Score
Nick Tompkins 13.125 Group
James Howsden 77 Score

Details and pictures are attached. The next event is September 13th.