View Full Version : introducing a new person to the sport.

mr. nobody
07-28-2009, 09:44 PM
i've been shooting with my cousin for practice. i allow him to use my rifle, front rest, rear rest and ammo. today was his second time out. yesterday we shot with a few other friends(foster i enjoy seeing you and bill at the range. 2 better men you couldn't ask to meet). he really made us work playing chase. i think we were all amazed at how he shot. we went back to the range today from 1:00 till 6:00. there was hardly any wind so it gave me a chance to show him that no wind isn't your friend!!!! he is a fast learner to the wind. i'm taking him to the buckcreek match next month and giving him eley that the rifle loves to shoot with. if he beats me(and he will) it will be worth it to me to bring somebody to our sport.

i have really enjoyed bringing somebody new into the sport. as long as work holds out i will foot his ammo bill. it's worth it to me to see somebody that enjoys the sport and does well. how many of you are willing to allow somebody to use one of your own rifles, rests and ammo to beat you with just to get them into the sport? i'm not saying i'm a good man in anyway at all. it's just the fact i believe that it is important to our sport to keep bringing new people into it no matter if you win or lose. if we don't bring new people in we are the last of a dying breed!!! i don't want to see our sport die. i want to see it live long and just keep getting bigger.

07-29-2009, 07:11 AM
I think loaning equipment to new shooters is the norm. I've been at matches where the new guy had to einie meeny minie mo to choose what rifle to shoot. The guys will throw in the ammo too. Borrowing a rifle and equipment shows the newbie what it's like to shoot a truly accurate gun. With several to pick from they also get to see what they like (or not) about each action/stock combination. It's all good, especially when we hook one!:D