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hawkeye wizard
07-19-2009, 01:27 PM
Oak Hills Gun Club in Blue Grass Iowa hosted our third .22 rimfire benchrest match of the year today. As we have in the past, we held a formal ARA match on five benches and informal matches on the other five benches. It was a pretty, 70 degree day. (Unbelievably great weather for July in Iowa.) The actual prevailing wind was 10 -20 mph from the Northwest. So, down in Oak Hills wooded valley, the wind came over the treetops and at range level, we had a 5 -15 mph South wind with erratic gusts from the Southwest, West, Southeast, and East and lots of vertical. (Hey, nobody said this game would be easy!)

First rounds were fired at about 12:50 and the match was completed by 4 pm.

We had six ARA shooters. Our ARA match consists of three targets. Winner of the ARA match was Ron Elbe. Scores were:

Ronald Elbe 2204.667
Cecil (Doc) Peterson 1923.333
Barb Nicewanner 1787.000
Bob Nicewanner 1474.000
Neil McKamey 1405.000
John Jugenheimer 1346.667

We had fifteen informal shooters (an all-time high number). Informal matches consist of only one target (but shooters can reenter as many times as they wish). Those fifteen shooters fired a total of 29 targets. We have three classes of informal matches --- semiauto, sporter, and vintage. Informal matches are fired at 25 yards off 2-piece rests at ARA targets under 20 minute time limits. To assure that all informal shooters have an opportunity to shoot, we only allow each shooter to reenter after he has fired his first target.

Winners of those three classes were:
Semiauto: Lewis Murphy 2010
Sporter: Mike Coiner 2200
Vintage: Clark Ehlers 2400

Best scores for each of the informal shooters was:

Lewis Murphy 2010
Randy Krohe 1425
Mike Craig 1020
Kevin Cole 645
Lennie Conner 395
Justine Berry 95

Mike Coiner 2200
Jacob Coiner 2075
Tim Tulon 1230

Clark Ehlers 2400
Bill Ellison 2225
David Ramm 1735
Bob Rehse 1725
Lynn Rickets 1450
Russ Bixby 0

At the conclusion of the match, a short award ceremony was held and award certificates were given to the first place winners.

We had a good turnout, particularly for the informal shooters. We have more and more informal shooters each match. And they are learning rapidly and posting better scores. It's obvious that the informal shooters are progressing rapidly in both their skill and their expectations. We believe that the future ARA shooters must come from the ranks of informal shooters. So, it's in the best interest of ARA that we provide informal matches that will lead them into the formal fold.

As in the past, this match was only possible through the outstanding effort of club volunteers like Ms. Peggy Phillips (registrar), Jim Schmidt (chief statistician), and Doc Peterson.

As we always do, we stressed safety first. There were no instances of violations of safety rules, and safety awareness of the competitors continues to improve.

Ron Elbe
Match Director