View Full Version : August Springville Directions/260 Exit Closed

Mike Paul
07-17-2009, 10:37 AM
From what I hear we have a bunch of shooters from Colorado coming to our August Match. Here is the map you have requested. Construction is taking place east of Exit 260, the exit that most shooters use to go up to Hobble Creek Canyon. It will be necessary to go 1 mile further to Exit 261, then turn east to Main Street. After turning South on Main, travel to 400 South-(approximately 1 mile) and turn East on 400 South. This will put you back on the original route to the range. It is only about 3-4 minutes longer than the original route. I'm enclosing a Map here to see, and also enclosing a map in PDF that can be downloaded and printed up.


Also attached is the registration form for the August 1st and 2nd Light/Heavy Varmint match. The match fee is 70.00. Please make checks out to Central Utah Benchrest and send your registration to the address below-

Dave Turnbridge/Central Utah Benchrest
966 Statice Ave
Sandy, Utah 84094

If you need to talk to Dave, you can call him after 5:30PM at 801-571-6755. If you can't reach him, feel free to give me a call 801-652-6660

Mike Paul

Mike Paul
07-31-2009, 02:06 AM
When we took the trailers to the range today, we noticed 400 South in Springville will be closed for a while.

After you turn on Main Street, turn left on Center street-(4 blocks north of 400 South), go up to the top of the hill and turn right on 1300 east. It will take you right over to the range. If you get lost, call Dave or me on our cell phones. My number is posted above and Dave's cell is 801-703-8375.