View Full Version : Salem IR50/50 Results 7/12

07-12-2009, 08:44 PM
We had a good day at Salem today. Turnout was light, 4 shooters for Sporter, 5 for 10.5lb and 6 for 13.5lb and the UL match. Conditions went from tough to tougher with winds 2-10mph, very switchy in the morning with a few gusts to 20mph in the afternoon.

As usual, everyone chipped in to help with setup, scoring, cooking, refereeing, teardown. Thanks for all that, guys, and thanks also for making the matches at Salem enjoyable to run. I've had a rough week and you guys helped me get away from it all for few hours today.:)

Here are the results:
Todd Banks---------243-13X
Michael Gallant------238-4X
Pete Roberson-------236-7X
Tim Wagner---------235-6X

Todd Banks---------250-14X
Pete Roberson------245-9X (fm10)
Michael Gallant-----245-9X (fm 6)

Todd Banks--------248-15X
Pete Roberson-----246-15X
Tim Wagner--------244-8X

Todd Banks--------249-13X
Pete Roberson-----247-14X
Jack Sysmaszek----243-6X

Todd Banks--------249-17X
Pete Roberson-----247-12X
Michael Gallant----245-10X

Todd Banks--------249-15X
Pete Roberson-----248-15X
Michael Gallant----244-10X

The next match at Salem (other than our Tue eve. matches) is the Tom Miller Memorial NY State and Northeast Regional Unlimited Yards and Meters Championships Aug 15th and 16th. Hope to see all of our regulars and some of the folks that haven't made the trip to Salem yet this year at "the big one":D
Todd Banks