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07-12-2009, 08:28 PM
Hi Folks.
The Flat River Conservation Club in Greenville MI.will be putting on a .22 Rim Fire Shoot in memory of Dick Grimm a long time member that past away last year .
Come and bring your .22 and lets have Fun.
Here are the details. TEDMI.

Dick Grimm Memorial Shoot
Date: August 8, 2009


Sponsored by: Flat River Conservation Club

Directions to Range: M-91 nine miles north of Greenville

Time: First relay starts at 9:00 A.M.
Next relay 15 minutes later; continuing until 4:00 PM

Rules: NRA A-17 50 foot shot off a bench at 25 yards.
There will be 10 Bulls for record and one sighting Bull on each target.
Firing will consist of one shot at each record Bull and unlimited sighting shots the sighting Bull.
All firing will be completed in 10 minutes
Shooting rests will be allowed
Sand bags will be available for competitors
Eye and ear protection is mandatory

Equipment: Any rifle chambered for 22 caliber rim fire

Hunter: Any 22 caliber rifle with a factory contoured barrel.
Maximum scope setting at 6 power
Variable scopes must be set at 6 power in Hunter Class

Target: Any 22 caliber rifle with a scope setting above 6 power
No limit to scope power or barrel contour

Iron sight 22 caliber rifles will shoot in the Hunter classification regardless
of barrel contour.

Entry Fee: $5.00 for each target shot. No limit on targets shot per competitor.

Contact: Ted Barber at tdb48838@yahoo.com 616-754-9686

Each target shot enters competitor in a drawing for a Marlin bolt action 22 cal. Rifle.
Donated by Hill Top Sports of Greenville, MI