View Full Version : Wabash 6/27/09 ARA Results- I know this is late

07-04-2009, 10:27 AM
Folks, I know this is a bit late. We had 19 shooters and a great day to shoot (except for the heat and humidity). Winds 5mph SE changing to SW with a bit of switch. We had 3 brand new ARA shooters. One even shot again the following day. One came to watch the following day and plans to shoot again at next months match. The last is getting a 40X barreled to maybe shoot in some other matches

Top Five Raw Aggs:

1. Clifford Arnold - 2256.250
2. Joe Besche - 2250.000
3. Jim Plencner - 2125
4. Terry Mahoney - 2087.500
5. Mike Worthington - 2043.750

High Targets:

Target 1 - Joe Besche - 2400
Target 2 - Clifford Arnold - 2450
Target 3 - Bernadette Lange - 2350 (I owe you a target star)
Target 4 - MIke Worthington - 2250

I really appreciate Gene and Dorene Rogers for pulling raw targets and hanging scored targets. I thank the scoring teams (you know who you are).

See you all next month, 4th Sunday, draw for benches at 8:30am and start at 9:00am sharp