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Roy in NC
07-01-2009, 09:17 AM
We held a 4-gun match at 100 yards at Rockingham County Gun Club on June 27-28. 27 shooters turned out for the match. Conditions were hot, but the storms missed us and we stayed dry all weekend.

The range goblins were on their best behavior this past weekend for the match, and we had some outstanding groups and aggs shot for our normally "hostile" range. We had 8 teen aggs and 6 screamers shot during the match.

Matthew Keller shot well all weekend and picked up the 4-Gun win. Terry Leonard got things rolling with a win in Unlimited class, besting the railguns with a 10.5 lb rifle. New shooters really made their presence known at the match with Doug McRae winning both HV and LV aggs, and Rodney Wagner coming out on top in Sporter. Dale Avery and his 30BR had everyone talking on Saturday with an .079 small group in Unlimited and it looked like he had the HV agg in the bag until that 30BR went out of tune on the last target.

Thanks to the local 4-H Club Shooting Team for providing lunch and target crew personnel, Gordon Earp and family for scoring, and George Neal for his fine job as range officer.

Here are the top finishers:

4 Gun:

Matthew Keller .2180
Terry Leonard .2194
Doug McRae .2221
Mike Jennings .2301
Wallace Browning .2387

Unlimited (5 shot):

Terry Leonard .1820
JD Denoff .1840
Matthew Keller .1880
Doug McRae .1906

Heavy Varmint:

Doug McRae .2272
John Youhas .2350
Matthew Keller .2358
Mike Jennings .2378
Dale Avery .2416

Light Varmint:

Doug McRae .1784
Matthew Keller .1940
Mike Jennings .1964
Terry Leonard .2060
Scott Roeder .2198


Rodney Wagner .1986
Terry Leonard .2002
Wallace Browing .2046
Scott Roeder .2104
Mike Jennings .2290

Our next match will be the Southeast Regional Unlimited/Sporter Championship on September 5-6th. Make plans to join us!

Roy Darnell
Match Director

Roy in NC
07-01-2009, 06:39 PM
Front row: Dale Avery, Terry Leonard, Matthew Keller
Back Row: John Youhas, Rodney Wagner, Wallace Browning, Mike Jennings, Doug McRae, JD Denoff

07-01-2009, 09:59 PM
Are you gonna try to post the results on the NBRSA/SE site?

Roy in NC
07-02-2009, 05:37 AM
Yes, I will do so as soon as I finish formatting the full results.