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06-26-2009, 10:26 PM
She is 13 and she shot 90 yards 77 times 12 inch dish, she missed at shot 78. prior to this she had only fired 100 rounds of 22 lr. so naturally she is off to a good start. she used federals bulk ammo, not so good stuff but dirt cheap, it could have been a flyer. I reload a lot of ammo i mean a lot. i consider my self a great shot but......... as muc as i dont want to admit this.....shes better than me with calibers she can handle. the rifle she used was some military training bolt action rifle, i want to say chezch. Im looking for a cheaper but very accurate rifle to start with. Honestly i feel as if a stock 10/22 cant keep up with her. I want bolt action, because i want her to feel as if she has to work a little harder.

She also loves shooting a lot, so i want to get her into some competion matches.
what im asking is whats a good starting rifle, and what will it take to get her into comp shooting?

06-26-2009, 10:38 PM
Sounds like a great candidate for participating in an Appleseed event.


brian roberts
06-27-2009, 12:28 AM
THE best and most important candidate for introduction to the shooting sports, and our struggle to be recognized and treated as equal, responsible, Americans!! WHO???? A young female, who is already interested, and a family member....wow, how lucky can you get?? Is her rifle scoped? does it have provisions for mounting one? A scope will allow her to see her mistakes before she makes them, and make the necessary corrections. Plus, it should help her immensely with trigger/breath/target control, and a sporter makes it easier, since it hasn't all the target rifle bulk(I guess she's shooting a sporter now). Look for the "Leupold Sighting-In Target" at a dealers, and/or ask them to order a couple packs. Once the rifle is zeroed for the range, show her how to put the horizontal crosshair on the bottom of one of the black squares(there's 4 of them). I aim for the lower left-hand corner of the lower left-hand square, and keeping that point of aim(POA), I shoot them in a clockwise rotation. This will help her build her skills and discipline at shooting "small" groups. Keep the training sessions short, 1/2hr or so, then "fun" shooting. As she gets better, show her positions, and when she has learned to shoot with the scope in positions, take the scope off and go into the iron sights again,(and use the same targets, but shoot the blocks dead-center, now) because now, she has some real skills, and it shouldn't take her an overly long time to get up there, from what you say. Next, a bolt action is good, an accurate one, but don't make anything too big and heavy yet, when she's ready, you'll both know. Remember, many matches are shot with ARs, its something that must be realized, so, an easily modified and accurized(in steps) :) 10-22 may be lurking somewhere in the interim, and it can keep the enthusiasm and skill-building on progress. Shooting has to remain an enjoyable challenge, all the time. Look for a juniors club that has levels of training, and perhaps competition. Once she can get into the ARs, and builds some body mass as she matures, then she can look at the heavier calibers. Of course, all this is based on the average ht/wt female and should be modified to suit her size. Good Luck! ;)

Joe Haller
06-27-2009, 01:38 PM
That Apple Seed program for women would be a great way to get your cousin started in the Shooting Sports. IF: There is one near to you.

If not, and as you say, you " want to get her into some competition matches" consider coaching her yourself.

The equipment needed to be competitive in most of the rimfire benchrest "sanctioned" matches can be expensive. It also helps if you live near a club that sponsors matches. So: If you are near a club, and willing to invest in a good accurate (read - expensive) rifle, consider the matches of ARA, IR-50/50, RBA, USBR or ARG. You can learn about these Associations and where their clubs are located here:

There is another option that will work well if you are not near a club, or are not willing to make a big investment in a high quality rifle at this time.

Get her a bolt action CZ 452. A Scout if she is small in stature. An American or Varmint if she is not small. Most of the members of this forum will agree with me that the CZ 452 gives us the most accuracy per dollar spent. Not enough accuracy to be competitive in sanctioned benchrest matches, but accurate enough to be competitive against other CZ 452s, and other rimfires that sell for less than $500.

We have four classes in the On-Line matches over on Rimfire Central. A LOT of the shooters use the CZ rifles in our "Factory Sporter" Class. The CZs win. We have a new match each month and we have been running these matches every month since January of 2001. You will find information about the On-Line- Matches here.

We have some junior shooters in these matches. At our club, we usually have 4 or 5 juniors shooting with us each month. A club in Florida sometimes turns in twice that many scores from there Junior shooters.

In the "old days" we had postal matches where we shot on our home ranges and mailed targets in to a Match Director for scoring. NRA still runs this type of match. With our On-Line-Matches, we get "feed-back" much faster. I've shot in Postal Matches where we learned who won 3 months later.

Internet matches are a solution for shooters who do not have an active club in their hometown. It might not be as nice as a shoulder to shoulder match, but the RFC matches have an International flavor. We have had shooters from more than 30 States, Canada, Australia, England and Brazil.

Joe Haller (Mr. Frosty)

06-27-2009, 02:34 PM
+1 on the CZ. My 452 Varmint is a squirrel-drilling machine!!!!

As Joe H. said, cruise on over to RimfireCentral and check out their informal fun matches--they are a hoot to shoot and good competitive training.

06-27-2009, 04:31 PM
Wow so much good info here, the rifle she shot was rather large using a peep sight. Ive looked into lots of 22lr on my own time for personal use and i love the replys to them. i had a freind who let her use this rifle, im hurt too say my 10/22 just wont keep up with her, barrel is burned up, over 10,000 shots at least lol. i have a brand new 10/77 but 22mag ammo can get pricey, especially when there is a factory sight on it. i think the best idea for now is too let her use my 22 mag. im going to look for some peep sights /or an simple scope. she may like the flatter shooting as well. she is a tough girl she has shot 30/06 mild hand loads, she dosnt want to do it again for a while lol. but something along the lines of 243. would be nice. i have a farm so range is not an issues, and i reload for cost.

please bare with grammar i try to type as fast as i think and i tend to get carries away.