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06-20-2009, 07:00 PM
Today we held our second 50/50 match of the year at Wawarsing. I would like to thank all those who helped with setting up, scoring, cooking and cleaning up, Thank you very much. We had 12 shooters shoot the 3 gun and 14 shooters shoot the unlimited. We had several new faces shooting their first match at Wawarsing, Tim Sambari and Bob Raide made the trip down from the Syracuse area and Greg Shevchuck made the trip from Pennsylvania. We also welcomed back Dan Gibeault and Bill Gennaro. There were 13 250's shot today, 5 in the 3 gun and 8 in the unlimited. Most notable were, Gordon Eck's 250-18X with his Sporter and Bob Griffin's 250-20X in unlimited 2.


Gordon Eck, 250-18X
Mel Eck, 246-12X
Bob Raide, 245-7X
Todd Banks, 244-7X
Tim Sambari, 243-6X
Pete Roberson, 235-8X
Bob Bain, 230-4X
Bob Griffin, 223-2X

10 1/2 Pound;

Bob Bain, 250-17X
Todd Banks, 250-16X
Bob Griffin, 248-13X
Tim Sambari, 248-12X
Gordon Eck, 247-18X, FM-9
Bob Raid, 247-18X, FM1
Pete Roberson, 247-12X
Mel Eck, 247-11X
Bill Gennaro, 246-14X
Ken Alfredo, 246-12X
John Yanosey, 239-8X
Dennis Alfredo, 209-3X

13 1/2 Pound;

Bob Raid, 250-17X
Pete Roberson, 250-14X
Todd Banks, 249-14X
Bob Bain, 249-12X
Bob Griffin, 248-15X
Tim Sambari, 248-14X
Mel Eck, 247-15X, FM-15
Ken Alfredo, 247-15X, FM-9
Gordon Eck, 247-12X
Bill Gennaro, 246-14X
John Yanosey, 240-6X
Dennis Alfredo, 234-2X

Unlimited 1;

Todd Banks, 250-18X
Pete Roberson, 250-17X
Bob Raide, 250-14X
Bob Griffin, 249-20X
Bob Bain, 249-14X
Marty Colombo, 249-10X
Ken Alfredo, 248-12X
Dan Gibeault, 247-10X
Tim Sambari, 247-10X
Jack Ponsolle, 245-7X
Gerg Shevchuck, 244-11X
Bill Gennaro, 243-10X
Dennis Alfredo, 242-8X
John Yanosey, 234-3X

Unlimited 2;

Bob Griffin, 250-20X
Dan Gibeault, 250-17X
Bob Bain, 250-16X
Bob Raide, 249-17X
Tim Sambari, 249-13X
Bill Gennaro, 249-12X
Ken Alfredo, 249-11X
Pete Roberson, 248-16X
Marty Colombo, 247-16X
Todd Banks, 246-15X
Jack Ponsolle, 245-10X
Gerg Shevchuck, 243-11X
Dennis Alfredo, 242-11X
John Yanosey, 230-6X

Unlimited 3;

Ken Alfredo, 250-17X
Bob Bain, 250-16X
Dan Gibeault, 249-19X
Todd Banks, 249-16X, FM18
Pete Roberson, 249-16X, FM14
Bob Griffin, 249-15X
Marty Colombo, 249-12X
Tim Sambari, 248-14X
Bob Raide, 247-16X
Dennis Alfredo, 247-10X, FM-9
Bill Gennaro, 247-10X, FM-5
Jack Ponsolle, 245-13X
John Yanosey, 242-8X
Gerg Shevchuck, 241-6X

06-20-2009, 07:06 PM
Good scores guys. Congrats Gordon on the 250-18 Sporter!!!!


06-20-2009, 08:13 PM
Bob, good job running the match, and to all that helped. Congrads to the winners,specialy to Gordon and Bob. Hope to see you all at next mat.

Bill B
06-20-2009, 09:31 PM
Those scores are INSANE! Congrats to all. Every class won with a 250! Gordon - you are the man! Sorry I missed all the fun!

06-22-2009, 12:41 PM
Very nice shooting all!