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Macky Locklin
06-17-2009, 09:42 PM
Since the attached text is fairly lengthy, I thought it best to link it over to our ARA webpage instead of taking up a lot of space here on the Forum. Click on the attached link and it should pop up. If not, go to the ARA logo, click on it and then go to "Dirty Laundry" and click again.

This is something I hope all ARA competitors will read, especially the Match Directors. I welcome your comments.




06-17-2009, 10:31 PM
Using kids kinda like the Iranians huh? That's almost comical that someone would care that much about an A-line standing.

As far as the "demand that he appoint a Scoring Team BEFORE the match begins". For anyone shooting at a match I'm running, please do so, you'll be the first member of the team. People generally shun scoring and it has to be done. Most people don't want to start a match at 11 A.M. and see the scoring end around 8 P.M. As far as rough scoring goes, I have this question. Can the plugger choose, through his own discretion, to plug a target not marked for plugging?

I have to admit I've not included the names of the scoring team. Didn't read it that close, but I'll do that from now own. But to make it a little easier to get reports in timely, consider dropping the requirement for the equipment list especially in a non-tournament match. It's pretty much worthless for a standard match and it does take extra time. Time that could be used making sure the scoring and addition are accurate.

06-17-2009, 10:33 PM
Make them easy to spot wouldn't it George. Of course the results will come out in the semi-annual monthly newsletter anyway.

Dave S
06-18-2009, 07:36 AM

I have known you for a long time, since the BR-50 days, and I am very glad to see you step up here and take control of this situation.. I do not get to shoot many ARA matches, as Montgomery and Birmingham are the closest ranges to me, but when I was shooting ARA, I was sometimes frustrated by the "scoring" teams. It seemed like the same people, all the time, were doing the scoring and it was "hurry up and let's get out of here". I have come away from several matches, checked my targets at home and found points that I lost due to poor scoring. I do not want any more points than I shoot, but I don't want any less points either. I think that one of the problems is that everyone is not familar with the scoring procedure. It would be in the best interest of everyone if they learned how to score a target. I know that I would gladly be a scorer, if asked, but usually it is the same people over and over..

As far as an ARA club using kids to boost the points. To me, that is totally unacceptable and I applaud your stance on cease and desist or be expelled from ARA. One warning and then bye-bye.

Macky, you and I, and a bunch of the old shooters, have seen a lot of "pushing the envelope" and we don't like it. The ARA rules are simple and concise and like you said, common sense must prevail..

Keep up the good work Macky..

Dave Smith
Bradenton, Florida

Al Hadfield
06-19-2009, 10:01 AM
Hi Macky,

I no longer shoot ARA so perhaps I have no business making a comment but I can't help myself.

First, I am surprised that this post has not generated more of a response. Your great note should be read by everyone, both ARA competitors and everyone who shoots RFBR.

We all say we shoot just for the fun and the camaraderie of our fellow shooters. It is sad that a few are so fixated on their placement on the A Line or The List or whatever, that they sometimes stoop to such low and underhanded things for a lousy point or two.

You mention common sense...well I think common sense is getting to be a very uncommmon thing these days.

Keep up the good work!


06-19-2009, 11:36 AM
I think there have not been many responses because what Macky said is pretty much to the point. If you look at though your past several years worth of news letters at match reports its not too hard to figure out.

The way I see it, good folks involved, bad judgment stretching the rules, no need to harp on it....nuff said. I'm sure this warning will be enough.


06-19-2009, 07:15 PM
Let's see... where do I begin...

We all know exactly what range and who is being questioned here so, let's not beat around the bush any longer. Scotty and I (Karla Teer, for those of you that don't know who "thescorer" is) each have a child. There was a situation to where the youngest child that was planning on shooting the entire match, had to leave early to go back to her mother's house. The older child was also planning on shooting all of the targets but ended up having to leave just after the third target was shot. AT NO TIME WAS THIS PLANNED AND IT WAS NOT DONE FOR POINTS. We have always been about the kids. The children that are starting to shoot and are interested in shooting are the future of this sport. When we have a child of our own or a friend's child that wants to shoot, we do NOT deny them. They are welcome to come shoot at any match. Now, when a 6 target tournament starts at 6:00pm, it ends up running late into the night. Especially when there is more than one relay. Most of the time, the kids get TIRED. When that happens, they're done shooting. They shot a couple of targets, had fun, hopefully learned a little bit, and then they go home and go to bed still liking the sport. If we start MAKING a child sit there and shoot until they can't see straight from being so tired, they aren't going to be having fun anymore and then we have just killed our future. There is also the parent factor. If a parent allows there child to come and shoot, they may not want them to be there until midnight or later. They have a curfew. Also, just because another club has denied letting a junior shoot at their range, we will NOT deny a junior shooter. We sit them at a bench, give them a nice rest, rifle, and ammo to use, and teach them. Why is that SO WRONG?

Now, for the points factor...

The kids don't care about the points, obviously. However, I'm sure there are some adults out there that DO care about the points. We have just been informed that there is a "new rule" that is going into effect immediately. Whenever a junior shoots less than the scheduled amount of targets, we are now to pull their scores from the sheets and not turn them in to ARA. Fine. However, I do see there being a small problem with that. As I said before, the kids don't care about the points. What they DO care about is seeing their name in a nationally recognized magazine showing which range they shot at and what they scored on their targets. If we are not turning in their scores and they never complete a full match (for WHATEVER reason) that's going to be pretty disappointing for them. Why can't we go ahead, turn in the kids scores to be posted in the magazine, but not allow them any points? However, if a junior shooter DOES complete all of the scheduled targets in a match, then they should be allowed the points as usual. This will make the younger kids happy to see their name in the magazine, the older kids can still compete with the adults, and no one will be "using" kids to rack up the points in a match.

Just a thought.

Karla Teer - Match Director for the Bullet Trap in Rayne, Louisiana

06-19-2009, 08:16 PM
Hey Macky, I support you and I know how difficult it can be dealing with a large group of shooters.

I remember when shooting competition was so much easier, less stressful, and actually fun. It was just today I shot a match and one fellow was so intense on winning that he was a nervous wreck. To make it even worse, he didn't win. Everyone else was having fun. Fight the good fight Macky.
Dale McClure, OKC

Macky Locklin
06-19-2009, 11:28 PM

Since you brought it up, here are the FACTS about the past occasions, drawn from the Official ARA database showing all the past Bullet Hole and Bullet Trap match results, available for ANYONE to see the unvarnished truth about the number of times juniors have started and not finished, how many targets they shot, how many targets were scheduled, and their aggs. There will be some recognizable names such as Hebert and Teer in the mix of juniors.

It will be obvious to any concerned person that is willing to take the time, to see exactly who is right, you and Scotty or ARA. If you wish to retract your statement after seeing this, it might be a good start toward earning a little more credibility for you and Scotty. These are the FACTS, not excuses.


Macky Locklin

06-21-2009, 08:51 AM
I have nothing to retract because I didn't lie about anything and didn't accuse anyone of anything. I know what the "facts" are and have never denied what that spreadsheet has on it.

Kids seldom complete their scheduled number of targets... FACT.
We purposely use kids to bump up points... LIE.

I only have one thing to say to those that are whining...


The rest of what I have to say will be said in person.

Now, we welcome you to come shoot with us at our range so that you can see firsthand how we operate. We have a great time and eat some good food. There is a Louisiana State Tournament being shot at our range on July 18. Hope to see you there.

Karla Teer - Match Director of the Bullet Trap in Rayne, Louisiana