View Full Version : ruger 77/22 trigger

06-13-2009, 04:26 AM
i would like to know the best lightest trigger i can get for my ruger.
its at 2lb atm but i want something like 2oz if i can get it or lighter.

mr. nobody
06-13-2009, 06:16 AM
you'd be better off getting a better rifle!!! i tried to use a m77/22 as a match rifle one time. anything with the ruger name on it other than the pistols is not a good foundation for a match rifle!!!!

there are triggers like the rifle basix that work well, but your not ganna get the 2 oz trigger from them. not saying it can't be done but it'll cost you alot more than on any other rifle.

rugers are true hunting rifles. they are fine for that. they'll never be a true match rifle. like i said a had a shilen barrel and everything on mine. the bolt needs to be shimmed cause it is a 2 piece bolt also.

i hope you can prove me wrong on this but i believe you are waisting time and money on the m77/22.

06-13-2009, 08:47 AM
My Ruger 77/22 is highly accurate and is a fine hunting rifle. I added all the bells and whistles and was only able to get my trigger down to 2# also. I can't imagine how you could get it down to 2 oz. My advice would be to save the rifle for hunting or informal benchrest just like it is and buy an Anschutz with a 54 action. With perseverence you can get that trigger down to about 2 oz. Working with such a light trigger pull you'll want a Lyman electronic trigger pull gauge. You might want to post your question over at Rimfirecentral.Com and see what kind of feedback you get. While on that site take a look at the Anschutz threads.