View Full Version : Still Time to come to The 15th Bud Pryor.

Dick Grosbier
06-07-2009, 07:45 AM
We start with 100 yards Friday at 11AM. Followed by 200 yards at 9AM on Saturday after the match is over and the flags have been reset everybody will wander up to the clubhouse for a BBQ dinner with all the trimmings. Sunday at 9AM we begin the third and final leg of the Marathon with the 300 Yard Match. Around 4 or 430 PM the awards ceremony begins. The Bud is one of the biggest score shoots of the year and frequently as well attended as the Nationals and sometimes more. The match generally garners contestants Nationals Level SSOY Points. I will also mention All of the 100-200-300 Records and most of the 200-300 were also set on this range.

There is still time to sign up Just contact Dick Grosbier. dickgrosbier@yahoo.com or Phone 301-898 5461, We can only handle 75 shooters but have almost 10 benches available at this time