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05-28-2009, 11:00 PM
Here are the placings for the NBRSA 600 Yard Nationals.

Top 20 Shooters-NBRSA Top 20 Patch Winners

1st Robert Hoppe------6 Dasher
2nd Billy Copelin-------6 Dasher
3rd Don Nielson--------6 Dasher
4th Eric Stanton---------6 BR
5th Tommy Johnson---6 BR
6th Lou Murdica--------6 BR/300 WSM
7th Steven Ikeda-------6.5x47/7 SAUM
8th Louie Tamagni-----6 Dasher
9th Greg Wilson--------6.5-284
10th Gerald Tierne-----6 Dasher
11th Barry Bluhm-------6x47
12th Steve Jones-------6 BR
13th John Adams-------22x47
14th Larry Kahle--------6Meyer/6BRX
15th Andy Anderson---6 Dasher
16th Gary Noble--------6 Dasher/6.5x47 IMP
17th Lynn Dragoman---6 BR
18th Roger Amos-------6 BR
19th Bruce Bangeman-6 Dasher
20th Gary Gagliano----6 BR

Two gun group agg winner-Billy Copelin---3.878
Two gun score agg winner-Don Nielson---809-7X

Lightgun group agg winner-Gerald Tierney-2.589
Lightgun score agg winner-Eric Stanton----276-0X

Heavygun group agg winner-Steven Jones-4.592
Heavygun score agg winner-Don Nielson---535-6X

Robert Hoppe shot a World Record in lightgun score.

Roger Amos bested that record by 1 point and now holds the new World Record in Lightgun Score with a 145-4X Congratulations Roger!!!

Lightgun Group Agg Top 5
1st Gerald Tierney---6 Dasher
2nd Robert Hoppe---6 Dasher
3rd Billy Copelin-----6 Dasher
4th Gary Gagliano---6 BR
5th Eric Stanton-----6 BR

Lightgun Score Agg Top 5
1st Eric Stanton-----6 BR
2nd Robert Hoppe--6 Dasher
3rd Don Nielson----6 Dasher
4th Bruce Duncan--Unknown
5th Louie Tamagni-6 Dasher

Heavygun Group Agg Top 5
1st Steven Jones------6 BR
2nd Billy Copelin------6 Dasher
3rd Bruce Bangeman-6 Dasher
4th Robert Hoppe-----6 Dasher
5th Greg Wilson-------6.5-284

Heavygun Score Agg Top 5
1st Don Nielson-----280 Improved
2nd Lou Murdica----300 WSM
3rd Les Sheppard---338 Gre-Tan
4th Robert Hoppe---6 Dasher
5th Steven Ikeda-----7 SAUM

Congratulations to all the shooters and Thanks for attending.

06-02-2009, 09:42 AM
Lynn ...thank you for the match results....here are some pics. ...I realize that lots of folks who browse the board here are not NBRSA members...so this will give them some faces to put with the results...Roger

06-02-2009, 09:47 AM
here are som mor pics...

06-02-2009, 09:50 AM
can only put 5 at a time on here!!! :D

07-10-2009, 05:16 AM
I have sent Craig an e-mail and never heard bak...just wandering if I have it rite.((someone send me his correct one --please))......hopeing to get the patches soon...Is there a glich somewhere ...or some info necessary from me??did anyone else get theirs??....I know it takes a long time for the wheels to turn...just inquireing ...it was the match of a lifetime for me...not only top 20 but new record LG score....this kinda thing doesnt happen evry day for an ole' hillbilly like me...Roger

Leroy Johnson
07-10-2009, 07:27 AM
Roger, I recieved a top 10 patch about 3 weeks after the match. Are they going to have patches to 20 places ?

Leroy Johnson

07-10-2009, 07:55 AM
Leroy...Good to hear that someone has recieved a patch(the top twenty overall get a patch also)....I must live too far away ....I know my self and at least one other shooter in the top twenty has not received a patch yet either...and I even set a world record ..still no word on it either...It is odd that we attended a NBRSA National event and no one knew who was to recieve patches before we left for home....I know there was a computer glitch that said one of my 2 inch groups was over 20"(twenty)...and that threw the puter into overload....just another reason to let the competitors see their targets at the end of the day...I just thougt that I had shot a big un..or missed the target..hahaha.....when the event was all over and winners picked ..we finally got to see our targets I noticed that my 21" group was really 2.1"...ooopppsss ...what's a cupla inched among friends.......I recieved an e-mail from Karl Hunstiger a while bak trying to help and asking if I knew anything about the targets...and it still remains a mystery....I just dont want such a good week of shooting in a far away land getting lost in the shuffle/mail........thank you for your response.,,and ...congratulations on your top twenty finish ...to do so at this level of competition is a remarkable achievment ,, someone like me who attends one big match a year if possible is thrilled to be a part of it .......Roger
PS....here is a link to our local newspaper and an article that they ran about my 600yd record....
I hope an article like this can help to promote Benchrest shooting and shooting sports in general....it shows that even our neighbors and common folk can be involved at a major tournemant level and be successful and enjoy the freedoms of our nation....

07-10-2009, 08:25 PM
Hey Expiper
Bad news on the patches.I just talked with Craig and there were no top 20 patches only top 10 patches.It was a communication mix up as there never were supposed to be any top 20 patches.
He got an e-mail on thursday the day we were all practicing letting him know the awards would arrive on friday the first day of the actual match.As you know he stayed at the match for the whole week but he went home to get the awards friday after the shooting had stopped.He was extremely busy beings as this was his first big match and didn't inventory the awards.As Leroy said in his post Jim sent out the top 10 patches when they arrived about 3 weeks later.
He figured this out when he inventoried the
newly received 1,000 yard awards and saw the top 10 patches there.A quick call to the NBRSA confirmed the top 10 only patches.
Craig said to call the NBRSA and they will go over the awards as they supply them for the nationals.

On the computor glitch.
The computor didn't glitch it can only process what is put into it.Apparently one of the scoring crew who do this for free and don't shoot the match put the decimal point one position over and it gave you a larger agg.Example 2.116 group or 21.16 group.The computor simply adds it all up and divides by 6.
We try and let everyone know at the monthly matches to check there targets.At the nationals we always give 1 hour for the shooters to go over there targets before the scores are finalised.This is done because when your totaling up 600 targets mistakes are sometimes made.A misplaced decimal point or a 88 instead of a 98 on a target at this level of competition will move you 10 places either way.
They don't give out the individual targets each day because of the hassle in re-collecting them and re-sorting them back into there slots free of lunch,tears,soda,cleaning fluid and people putting them in there truck only to find out later they would have had a record had the targets not got lost or removed from the range.Don't ask how we know this.
My father is in the same boat as you as he finished in the top 20 as well.
Sorry to have to report such news but it was a communication error and not a we misplaced them or lost your address kind of thing.

07-10-2009, 08:49 PM
Thank YOU Lynn....sorry about the miss-communication....any how ..I had a great time and met lots-0-great people....and...hope to come out ur way agin soon and maby I can get in the top ten..grin....thanks again for clearing that up.....I wasnt worried about skulldugery....just figgered it was summer time and every one is busy with kids/life/etc.......say hi to DAD....Roger

07-10-2009, 10:43 PM
I know thats a tough pill to swallow because my father has a nice trophy case set-up with his better wins in it and he had a place for the patch already picked out.
I told him to shoot better at the 1,000 Yard Nationals and we will put the Skip Talbot Trophy in the case.
PS. Dad says hi