View Full Version : Sloughhouse Benchrest Shooters 1000 Yard Match 5 Results

05-24-2009, 10:30 PM
Match #5 was shot in heavy winds and some tough mirage today at The Sacramento Valley Shooting Facilty.

Single Tgt Lightgun Group
3rd place Lynn Dragoman 9.079
2nd place Ken Schroeder 5.459
1st place John Crawford 5.136

3 Tgt Lightgun Group Agg
3rd place John Crawford 11.266
2nd place Steve Jones-- 10.924
1st place Lynn Dragoman 10.047

Single Tgt Lightgun Score
3rd place Steve Jones-- 47-0x
2nd place Ken Schroeder 48-0x
1st place John Crawford 49-0x

3 Tgt Lightgun Score
3rd place Lynn Dragoman 110-0x
2nd place Ken Schroeder 120-1x
1st place Steve Jones-- 123-0x

Heavygun Single Tgt Group
3rd place John Crawford 13.547
2nd place Gabe Neola--- 13.196
1st place Lynn Dragoman 9.376

Heavygun 3Tgt Group Agg
3rd place John Crawford 18.877
2nd place Stu Harvey--- 18.189
1st place Lynn Dragoman 13.511

Heavygun Single Tgt Score
3rd place Ken Schroeder 85-0x
2nd place Lynn Dragoman 91-1x
1st place Lynn Dragoman 93-2x

Heavygun 3 Tgt Score
3rd place Ken Schroeder 176-0x
2nd place Gabe Neola--- 198-1x
1st place Lynn Dragoman 256-3x

6 Tgt Score Agg
3rd place Ken Schroeder 296-1x
2nd place Gabe Neola--- 301-1x
1st place Lynn Dragoman 366-3x

6 Tgt Group Agg
3rd place Stu Harvey--- 19.022
2nd place John Crawford 15.071
1st place Lynn Dragoman 11.779

05-25-2009, 05:24 AM
Hey Hi Lynn....sounds like U had both guns ((LG_HG))...pretty well "sighted in"!!!! grin....I know how the mirage (sp) out there can be ...and if you say it was bad ...then it was "terrible" .....Congratulations.....keep practicing ,,,the Nationals will be here before you know it.....Roger.....
PS...say hi to DAD...

05-25-2009, 08:38 AM
HI Lynn

nice report, looks like you did well, Good Job!


05-25-2009, 12:07 PM
I got lucky and had all of my shots on the paper.The mirage out here as The Expiper can tell you has been really bad lately.The Nationals and this match had the worst mirage I have seen since around the year 2002.The wind was around 20 mph but what happens is everybody dials in for the wind then it quits when we go to the record target or completely changes directions.
I was shooting the brand new BIB 108 Boattail bullets in 6mm and my lightgun wasn't dialed in like it normaly is.
I gave some of those bullets to Gary Childs,Stu Harvey,Gary Gagliano and Dangerous Bob Dorton for further testing.Hopefully in a week or a little longer we will know there results.
P.S. Roger dad says hello and to get out in October for the 1,000 yard nationals.

05-25-2009, 12:26 PM

Great shooting!!:D:D All of our coaching is finally paying off.;)

Be careful about beating your old man. That will just make him mad and then everybody else will pay.

Were you shooting the Super Varminter?


05-25-2009, 01:31 PM
My father is shooting a barrel Jim Borden put on his predator for tuner testing and at 600 yards it is doing well.He got in the heavy mirage relay at the match and put 7 shots off the paper killing any hope.
E-mail me a mailing address were you can receive a small box and you can test some of those new BIB boattail bullets for yourself.

Edit: Ray you should get out here for the 1,000 yard Nationals as the weather should be perfect for new records.