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05-11-2009, 10:17 AM
Wilbur – please feel free to edit for content. This is not meant to be an advertisement, just information for all of your customers.

We wanted to let all the shooters that will be competing in this year’s 37th Annual Firearms Industry Super Shoot know that we’ll be providing Bonus Match sponsorship and Sinclair Gift Certificates for the merchandise drawing, as always. The Sinclair tent will be in its usual location near the end of the firing line (across from bench 60), with familiar faces holding court such as Vic Potts, Tommy Meredith (TM Stockworks), and our Sinclair representative Larry Caston. Larry works in our manufacturing division and will be competing as usual. Larry will be glad to assist you with any product questions while he is at the Super Shoot.

Due to a scheduling conflict with the NRA Annual Meetings (not to mention how busy we are due to the current political climate), we don’t have adequate staffing to sell product at the shoot. This is a gut wrenching experience for us as some of us have shot there for the past 18 years consecutively. We want competitors to know that we would be happy to deliver any pre-paid orders to Kelbly’s for free shipping. Give us a call this week and place your pre-paid order by Friday (May 15th) at noon and Larry will have it in our tent Monday the 18th thru Friday the 22nd for pick-up.

Larry Caston will be reloading and competing to support the Super Shoot, so please stop by and say hello. Ken Harrington from Gradient Lens will also be appearing in the Sinclair Tent during the shoot for a day or so to provide free barrel inspections with the Hawkeye Borescope.

Thanks, and good luck to everyone at the shoot. Sinclair International hopes to see you at next year’s Super Shoot. Have a great time in sunny Ohio!

The Sinclair Team

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Steve Lee
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Yeah...I was planning on doing some shopping.

05-11-2009, 03:22 PM
me too! always allow myself some extra cash just for shopping,hope bruno's brings some extra stuff