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04-26-2009, 06:01 PM
We had 8 shooters for our first RBA combo match. Conditions were a bit challenging...windy enough to blow my new Quick-Set canopy almost over my truck:eek: I heard a shout and looked over just in time to see it wedge itself between my truck and Michael Gallant's SUV, almost on top of Bear. I'm sorry about the distraction it caused during the Sporter class target, and I promise I'll stake it down from now on:o

Top 3 in each class are as follows:
Michael Gallant--------238-7x
Tim Wagner-----------237-3X
Todd Banks-----------236-7x

Todd Banks-----------241-11X
Tim Wagner-----------240-9X
Michael Gallant--------238-8X

Todd Banks-----------248-14X
Pete Roberson--------246-9X
Michael Gallant--------244-5X

Michael Gallant--------246-14X
Tim Wagner-----------244-12X
Pete Roberson---------243-8X

Pete Roberson---------246-12X
Tim Wagner-----------245-11X
Michael Gallant--------245-10X

Complete results are attached below.

Kim Monthony brought along his daughter Justine (14) and son Mark (10). Justine and Mark shot box stock Marlin 25n's in Sporter class and a custom Marlin and Ruger 77/22 in the heavy gun classes and did pretty good considering the conditions.

I hope everyone had a good time and I'll see some of you at next weekends IR50/50 match.
Todd Banks

04-27-2009, 10:25 AM
HI Todd
Thanks for all your hard work and a great environment for youngesters to learn how to shoot! They all want to come back. We will miss next weekend but look for us soon after.
Thanks, Kim

04-28-2009, 10:49 AM
As always, you did a great job putting on this match. Your efforts are appreciated. The RBA combo format was a nice difference. Looking forward to next Sunday.