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david dumas
03-30-2009, 05:40 PM
can a private seller ship a rifle to a calif FFL????

the wind is my friend,,,,,,,,,,,,


David S
03-30-2009, 06:33 PM
Yes, but the receiving FFL must get approval from the Calif. DOJ to receive the rifle from out of state. It's just a formality and I have not heard that requests are being denied.

It is just a way for our ultra liberal state government to make it more difficult for CA residents to buy out of state guns. It seems to be working too. If you look on GunBrokers.com, a lot of seller are stating "no sales to Calif." because they don't want to jump though the hoops.

03-30-2009, 10:02 PM
Here is the real answer and one that I send to dealers on GB.com that have bad information. Dave - your answer is in the second paragraph.

If you're an FFL - it takes 5 minutes to comply with the DOJ procedures and these procedures arenít about you, but ME Ė to insure that Iím legitimate.

If you're not an FFL - you don't need to do anything, but ship to a verified FFL; which is what you would do normally - I hope. As a private citizen you can ship to any FFL in any state and you don't need to go through a local dealer to do it - unless you like to give him business. Hereís the link to FFL EZ check:

If youíre a dealer and want to work with California gun owners and dealers Ė hereís how.

This is the link that takes you to the explanation page:

In the middle of the page is another link which takes you to this page: https://webapps.doj.ca.gov/cflc/addEnrolee.do?dispatch=enrollmentGuidelines

Although you'll go to the log in page first. The link I gave is "enroll in CFLC".

If you decide to go forward with this and register - you've done your part and the only thing you need to do after that is plug in the five digit number of the CA FFL you want to ship to. DOJ will generate the approval letter which contrary to what they say should accompany the firearm. If I receive a firearm from an FFL, without DOJ approval, I'm screwed - not the sender.