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03-15-2009, 11:06 AM
I am trying to get more consistency in the neck tension of my loaded rounds. This is a generic question so lots of numbers aren't required. I always load with a neck tension of .002 and anneal the brass in lots as necessary. I turn the brass for a loaded round .002" less than my chamber neck diameter.

My question is, I am experimenting with putting moly on the portion of the bullet that will sit in the cartridge neck to try and get a more uniform release. What methods do you use to obtain consistent bullet release and what do you think about the moly addition?? Thanks for the responses.

03-15-2009, 02:20 PM
When my cases are brand new, I F/L size them once then use my Lee collet neck die. After the first firing, I will take my neck turner and just shave off enough to make the thickness consistent, generally about 75% of the neck will be shaved leaving some areas that weren't touched.

When I turn the necks and go to form them again, my groups are all over the place, after that they are tight again.

Using the Lee collet die, I get about .002-.003 tension, and the neck thickness is about .013..014.

Are you using a factory chamber or is it a custom build? I asked my smith for the reamer dimension so I knew what my max neck OD should be.

Forgot to answer your question fully...

I use a q-tip with some Imperial sizing wax and just lightly coat the inside of the neck.

This stuff only needs to be used very, very sparingly.